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Ask the questions.

I get requests. Lots of them. Many for my story, some for advice or where I find inspiration,….mostly for donations to University of Kansas Alumni Association…(dedicated bunch). It varies. In a perfect world I would respond kindly to each and every one of them in a sincere, lightheartedly funny and... Read more >>

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  • For the recent college grads - life is full of exquisite diversions! #goforit #classof2015 #wander
  • They're here!! Brand Spankin' New Cards are in the shop! #happymail #sendlove #curlygirldesign #linkinprofile
  • Regrammed from @leigh.standley : On the way back home from#nss2015 . Feeling grateful for the opportunity to do what I love, with people I love and in an industry full up with the most hard-working, creative, hilarious, kind and generous folks I could ever hope to meet. The past 13 years have been an amazing gift and I look so forward to the next leg of this trip! I won't say I am leaving New York refreshed, but I am definitely leaving inspired and humbled and well, full. #thanks
  • Day 2! If you are at #NSS2015 swing by and see us at booth 1740 !!!!
  • Here's to all the #bossladies out there, like our very own @leigh.standley #straight #husslin #inspiration #anthonybourdain  #nss2015
  • We will call this 'Still-life, with Pitcher'. Someone call #Christies, we've got a masterpiece here 😂 #curlygirldesign #capeandtiara #pitcher

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