A Valentine’s Day Treat


I had the pleasure of being snowed in with my two smallest Valentines this Valentine’s day and so we got to making things. And by ‘things’ I mean a mess! Graham and Ruby are still a little small for candy, but they LOVE to dip things into other things. It’s basically the only way they will finish a meal.

You would be amazed how useful greek yogurt has become.

Since with over 80 inches of snow, flowers were not really an option this year,(though, to Coach’s credit, and Winston Flowers’…they got it done!) I was trying to think of cute ‘bouquets’ of other things to give to your sweethearts. Enter Peeps.

Now, I will preface this by saying that I do not eat Peeps. I’m not a fan. If I had had my first choice, I would have made a pan of homemade marshmallows and cut them into hearts with a cookie cutter and dipped those. But my first choice would indicate that I  a.) can actually make homemade marshmallows and b.) am not as lazy as I am. So Peeps it is!
Also, I think these would be super cute to do for Easter in bunny shapes. I know that Peeps makes bunnies too.

Despite the Peeps inside, these actually taste quite good! Marshmallows would still be better…

For these Peep-sicles you will need:

peeppop31.) A few packages of the Peeps of your choice
2.) As many cute paper drinking staws as you have Peeps
3.) Scissors
4.)1 package almond bark (or less, depending on how many you need to make… I would say you could do about 24 with one pkg. because you need the coverage)
5.)Sprinkles of your choice



First cut the ends of the straws you are going to use at a diagonal and gently twist them into the ‘pointy’ end of the Peep. This will feel, well, intimate. Make sure the straw goes up as high as it can but does not poke out the top side.

Melt almond bark in a large bowl and prepare a cup or vase that the pops can stand up in to dry. Once bark is melted, use a spoon to dip and cover the entire Peep, scraping off excess and letting it drip off before turning upright.

Sprinkle with sprinkles or sugar or glitter or whatever makes you happy.

Rest upright in the cup until mostly hardened.

Once it is hard to the touch, you can lay them out on a sheet and put them in the freezer for a few minutes to get solid or just let them rest for about 25 mins.
Easy Peasy!

I can’t wait to make a bunny bouquet! So fun! Enjoy!

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To her with love…


Hello from the arctic tundra!! Man, I used to love snow.
I am being a little bit dramatic, and mostly a bad sport about all the snow we are getting, but the window casings are starting to leak on the inside, we can’t leave the house with toddlers and this much snow is really really really bad for business.

There. That’s all the whining I’ll do.

Since the shop can’t be open today, or most of last week, and since folks still have Valentine’s to shop for, I thought I would help by putting together a little taste of what we have in store, and a few gorge things I found out and about.

Just a pitch: PLEASE PLEASE support small & local shops and restaurants! Every little bit matters!  I think I am going to have something to that effect engraved on my headstone.

Just back from the winter shows, or at least the ones that I will be personally traveling to. Fun Fun Fun! And Tired Tired Tired!! I feel like I used to be able to set up, break down, do 12 hour days , party at night and come back feeling like I could do it all over again. Now, I look forward to a hotel bed, sleeping in til 7am and dinner that I don’t eat with my fingers! But perks are perks!
We got to see and meet so many of our great customers. I just love chatting with funny, talented and super nice people! Pretty much 100% of the people that buy and sell Curly Girl for their stores (Ok, except for one, who will remain nameless…) are people that I would love to get stuck on an island with. Lord knows, it would be a chatty island…and there would be wine.
Working on so much good stuff for you guys! Let me know what you would like to see!

Also, we are re-opening ‘Open Book Thursdays’ (which may end up being ‘Open Book Whichever the Heck Day of the Week I Manage To Do It” , but still.) so go ahead and ask your questions! I will try to get around to answering all of them!


1.) Produce “Rhubarb” Candle – Marmalade
2.) “To My Sweet Darlings” Wall art by Sugarboo – Marmalade
3.) “Love You More” Sterling silver bracelet – Marmalade
4.) Pom Pom Check scarf – Calypso
5.) “You’re Intoxicating” bottle opener – Marmalade
6.) Cheek Stains – Tarte
7.) “For the One I Love” brass small frame – Marmalade
8.) “Great Journeys” zipper bag - Curly Girl Design
9.) Phillipa Roberts silver and gold earrings – Marmalade
10.) Three Chili and Rose simple syrup – Marmalade
11.) Moroccan gold sequin bag – Marmalade

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