Spring Signings Cont.

The Biz

I hope you all had fabulous and chocolate-filled Easter weekends! Mine was included a very very busy day at Marmalade and a Sunday all to myself (and Coach). Even though I love living where we live, holidays are a little sad without family around. My mom even mailed us a huge Easter basket full of fancy treats and we Skyped, but it is of course not the same. Sniff. 

We had our first downright glorious warm spring day here in Boston, so I skipped church and opted for gardening gloves over Sunday best. I took a long walk with Lucy in the sunshine and talked coach into helping me mulch. You know, your basic romantic stuff.

Speaking of romantic stuff, in March I had the good fortune to travel to Portland, OR (you may have heard me raving about it) to do a signing at Dragonfly Greetings and Gifts in West Linn. I had a fantastic time with these girls and they made me feel so wonderfully welcome (champagne always helps!) and they do such an incredible job with Curly Girl products in their store I couldn't help but gush! So many fun Curly Girl fans showed up and we got to chat and hang out and laugh.

Like I mentioned, this is pretty much my favorite part of my job. There are so many things I love about traveling around and hanging out with the Curly Girl friends, fans and shop owners, but the main reason is: it's really freakin' fun!

For example, our super-star sales rep Julie showed up at Dragonfly in pretty much the cutest outfit I had ever seen posing with her CGD wine glass and hammed it up for the camera for a bit. (side note: Julie took time out of her busy selling-schedule to get dressed up like a Zombie last year to dance the 'Thriller Dance" with 1100 other zombies in public for "Thrill the World"... which makes her pretty awesome all around.)

And in Columbus a few weeks ago I got to see Amy and her friend Bernie again!

They had come to the first signing I did at Helen Winnemore's a few years ago. We had taken photos together, and being the super creative and clever person she is, Amy made these incredible scrapbook pages of that day!! She brought them with her to show me and I nearly fell over! How cute are these! I can't remember the last time I actually printed photos out (bad, I know) much less had the sense to do something this gorgeous with them!! There is even a sparkly tiara stuck in there! Thanks Amy for bringing this out, it nearly made me cry!

So, those are the highlights thus far! I could go on and on...and I may, but for today I will just ask you to share your funniest Easter/Passover stories with me...I need a little family fix.



By Leigh 04.27.2011 – 8:49 am


Important Discovery


I have made an important late-night cookie binge ground-breaking discovery!! Having had no Girl Scouts in my immediate circle for some time now, I had all but lost touch with the magical perfection that is the Thin Mint. Until tonight, when after a successful raid of Coach's Easter basket I discovered, and subsequently enjoyed the most perfectly delicious mimic of the perennial treasure I have ever enjoyed. I will not tell you how many I ate, but I will tell you that they are all natural, which sort of takes the edge off.

I found them at Whole Foods and here.

Just thought I would share!


By Leigh 04.25.2011 – 9:21 pm


Spring Signings!

The Biz and Brick & Mortar

Hello!! Happy Thursday! After my couple of days off early in the week (Monday was a holiday here in Boston..."Patriot's Day" aka "Marathon Monday") I feel much more robust! I took some time to get to the 'rest' and though, I now don't know what day it is (long weekends always throw me off), I feel much more connected.

This spring I have gotten the opportunity to do a couple of signings at a couple of shops that carry Curly Girl Design products. I do a handful of these events a year at some of our most established, long-term customer's brick and mortar shops. Small businesses with big hearts that are really connected to our product and by way of that help to connect their customers to what it is we are doing over here at Curly Girl. It is my favorite part of my job and I really cherish the time and energy that I get to spend and exchange with these shop owners, their staff, and all of the wonderful Curly Girl fans that come out and chat. It makes the world seem really small and full of wonderful people. I feel so proud to be one of the tiny things that connects all of these folks and their experiences... and wish, somehow that they could all meet each other! What a force that would be!!

So far this spring I have been to Portland, OR and Columbus, OH and am headed to Appleton, WI at the beginning of June. I will share some photos of the events and then some shop tours of these adorable places over the next few days. I love seeing how other shopkeepers display their product and all the wonderful creativity and cleverness that comes with setting up a gem of a shop. It is worth going out of your way to visit these places, not only will you get a warm smile and a friendly 'hello', but you will find special things that have been lovingly chosen to make your day better, or your gift-giving easier. If you see them, thank them for doing what they do!

Do you have a favorite spot like this?? Tell us about it!


By Leigh 04.21.2011 – 10:36 am


image from justbesplendid.tumblr.com

A day of rest.


After months of working pretty much non-stop, I finally am taking a day off. Maybe even two.

I need to rest up, recharge, and reconnect. I need to snuggle Lucy do a mountain of laundry, clean out my closet and finally get the flowerbeds the spring attention they deserve. I need to hang out with Coach, make some calls to the friends I have been neglecting, write some notes and make some food. Then, I need to have a glass of wine and read something that was actually printed on actual paper. I might also need to nap or bake something. Or both.


It sounds like a big word for a list of such mundane tasks. But I really mean it. Outside of the obvious: food, water, shelter, we each have a larger set of needs. One set for just being humans: love, connectivity, touch, intellectual and emotional stimulus, physical activity, sunlight and a varied and nutrient rich diet. And one set for being us.

Each of us has our own personal set of needs that help us be who we are in the very best way possible. This helps keep us engaged, and balanced and nourished. It helps us grow and be strong. I can tell when I am only getting my 'human' set of needs met and not the rest of my needs. My 'Leigh' set of needs. I feel wonky and unhealthy and usually a bit crabby. I don't feel brave in the world or totally prepared.

Sometimes my human set and my 'Leigh' set intersect. For instance, sometimes my 'intellectual and emotional stimulus' may match up with my need to watch sappy romantic comedies or re-read a Jane Austen novel. Or my human need for physical activity may bump into my "Leigh" need for being outside or in nature at least once a day. The lines are blurry. As they should be. The point is that they are both there to keep us balanced and really alive.

When we are working too much, or not giving ourselves the respect and care of taking some time to check in on these needs we can get depleted. So when I say 'rest' I mean it both literally (good sleep, down time etc.) and as attention to the other things. Getting to the rest. Because the rest is just as important.

What is your 'rest'?


By Leigh 04.18.2011 – 10:34 am


The “Amy’s 40” Canvas Sale!!

The Biz

Ok folks! We are doing something that we have never done before and may never do again. I will give you a hint: it's a four-letter word starting with "S" and ending with "ALE"!!

It is our production manager Amy's big 4-0 this weekend (Happy Birthday Ame!) and she is feeling festive. To celebrate she (the keeper of the canvases) has decided to do a one-time, very limited, wild and crazy sale on our hand-finished-signed-by-Leigh-collector's-item wall canvases!!

We are offering these 10 canvases for over 30% off their retail price starting right now. There are only a few of each style available (in some cases only one!) and they will be available at the sale price only while supplies last. Each canvas is $200 (regular price $300) plus shipping. Our canvases are made right here in Boston. Either 21" x 21" (square) or 18" x 21" (rectangle), printed with UV-protected ink on natural canvas (will not fade!), then hand stretched and finished and signed by Leigh.

If you have had a canvas on your wish list...now is the time!

Very Important! To order, email: emily@curlygirldesign.com with your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and WHICH CANVAS YOU WOULD LIKE (only styles shown are available for this promo). She will contact you for payment details.

Have fun!!! And if you have a sec, leave Amy a birthday wish here!


By Leigh 04.14.2011 – 10:44 am


April in Paris - Style Board

Style File

Whelp, it is officially spring here in Boston! The buds are on the trees, the air smells like spring rain and dirt and the birds are waking us bright and early with all of their chatter. I love this time of year. It is a time of fresh starts, fresh air and no socks and it almost always reminds me of Paris.

I am a bonafide Francophile, and have had the good fortune to spend some quality time in the city of light... though no amount of time is ever enough. My time there has always been in spring and while I am sure Paris is lovely all the other times of year, I wouldn't have it any other way. So I have done up a little style board today of some of my favorite reminders of one of my favorite places. Things that are chic, classic and constant...bien sur!

1.) Paris Wall Sign ~ by Spicher & Co. at Marmalade

2.) Enamel Bracelets ~from La Vie Parisienne

3.) Perfect Red Flats ~ by French Sole at Endless

4.) French Market Basket ~ from Medina Baskets

5.) 3/4 Sleeve Boatneck Sailor Tee ~ from Lands End

6.) Paris Map Cufflinks ~ by Ann Holman at Etsy

7.) L'Artisan's La Chasse aux Papillions (smells like spring!) ~ L'Artisan Parfumeur

8.) Cream knit scarf ~ by Wool and the Gang at Net-a-porter

9.) Pain au Chocolate ~ one of my favorite French things! The best I have had state-side is at Tartine

10.) Super Cute Map of Paris Tote ~ from Famille Summerbelle

11.) Spring Trench ~ by Michael Kors at 6pm


Do you have any French faves?? What are they!?


By Leigh 04.12.2011 – 2:39 pm


Tip of the class


As part of my whirlwind trip of delight to Columbus, OH this past weekend the lovely Sarah, from Helen Winnemore's took me here for breakfast before my flight left. It was after ordering one of the most divine egg dishes I would ever have and gift wrapping enough colorful (and delicious) French Macarons to make me have to check my bags, that I spotted this sign at the cash register. (This was a non-table service establishment)

I will save you my soap-box on tipping in our current service culture, but rest assured that I have strong feelings about it. Also rest assured that I have accumulated enough personal experience in the service industry in my life to have earned my opinions. I will just say that this was the most refreshing, polished and completely appropriate thing I have seen in a very long time. It was (very tasty) food for thought.

I think service should be part of each of our cultures.


By Leigh 04.11.2011 – 5:04 pm


Summer 2011 Sneak Peek #4


Hi All!! I am currently in my adorable hotel room in Columbus, OH after a fabulous day with Sarah from Helen Winnemore's. Sarah has treated me to such a lovely day today and I am so blissed out right now. Thank you Sarah for making me feel so welcome and so taken care of!

Tomorrow I will be at her adorable shop all day signing things and chatting and eating pink macarons! (mmmmmmmmm!) Please oh please swing by if you are anywhere near!

Here is the last Sneak Peek for Summer 2011!

This one has been in the hopper for a while, and there have been various moments, various stories and various friends I have wanted to put this into the world for. But the moment seemed right, right now. It is about so many things; the willingness to love, and the willingness to love yourself, the need to sometimes let it go, and the ability to forgive yourself for hanging on, and patience. It is a lot about patience. It's about the courage it takes to leave something behind, or change something that you know for something that you don't on behalf of your own good and about the freedom that always always comes with that.

Right now, this one goes out to the possibility of all of that for some hearts dear to me. And of course, hearts dear to you too.

Let me know what you think!


By Leigh 04.10.2011 – 6:38 pm


Summer 2011 Sneak Peek #3


Here is another Summer 2011 sneak peek (there is only one more! promise!). This one goes out to all the big, first steps.

One foot in front of the other, long roads, short roads, new roads and rocky ones all require a little confidence boost. I can think of nothing better than some fabulous footwear to do the trick!

Let me know what you think!


P.S. Summer styles will release in July!


By Leigh 04.07.2011 – 8:25 am


Summer 2011 Sneak Peek #2


Here is another sneak peek for Summer 2011. This one makes we smile a bit because it has a tone to it that reminds me of home. Every region has thier colloquialisms, and the midwest is certainly chock-full of them. We throw around idioms in regular conversations as factual reference. "Well, she outta know that a bird in the hand is as good as you-know-what!" There is an earnestness about this way of speaking that both makes me snicker a little and warms my heart at the same time (and don't think for New York minute think that I don't do it myself!).

I remember my Mom yelling at me and my brother (when we would vacuum up pennies with the vacuum cleaner): "I'll tell you when you're rich enough to throw away money!!" That runs through my head every time I see a penny on the sidewalk...and now I have to pick it up!

My dad would say that someone was "wound up like an eight day clock" if they were talking fast or acting hyper. These things sneak into our lexicon, and our way of thinking and seeing the world. So when I wrote: "...keep going around 'til they kick ya off" , it reminded me of something my Grandma or Nana might say.

I guess a leopard can't change her spots and the apple doesn't fall far...



By Leigh 04.05.2011 – 8:28 am


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