St. Louis Cardinals fan Caled Killian pays homage to the Rally Squirrel (Image: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Blog-i-versary Give-away #5: Super Fan?

The Biz

Ceeeeeeelllebrate Gooood Tiiiiimes C'mon!!! doo doo doo do. It's a Cel-e-bra-tion... (Kool and the Gang? Anyone?)

I remember my Nana playing this record in her house when I was little. I thought that the St. Louis Cardinals SANG that song for the longest time. Now that I am an adult, I understand that it was Kool and the Gang (ahem, I may have been in college when I found out that the song wasn't written just for the Cardinals...) I believe it was a special edition record put out for the 1982 World Series win. You know, just one of oh, ELEVEN World Series wins for my hometown team! Congratulations Cardinals and St. Louis folks! Go Nuts!

Happy Monday to you all! I hope you had restful and snow-free weekends (though I know some of you did not. boo.) I am here today with my final (phew!) blog-i-versary give-away and I am looking for SUPER FANS.

Are you a Curly Girl Super Fan? If there were a Curly Girl plush suit would you run around in it?? (ha! I just got to laughing at the thought of that!) Do you think you love Curly Girl Design more than anyone else? I know you are out there ... and I want proof!

The winner of this give away gets the mother-load of a Curly Girl Super Fan Stash. This will keep you outfitted in all the important ways for a good long while thus allowing you the free time to pursue other ways to show your Curly Girl Love. You will receive:

One "The World According to Curly Girl" 2012 Calendar (signed by me), a stack of Curly Girl Journals, a collection of super strong magnets and an armful of delightfully dotty and striped Curly Girl Pencils! Whether or not you choose to share with friends is up to you. We won't judge you.

All you have to do is tell me, or better yet, show me what makes you a super-fan in the comments section of this post. Get creative. Have fun with it. We love this stuff.

The winner will be chosen by the Curly Girl Staff (sorry sexy random number generator.) on Friday November 4th at 10am EST. Have Fun!!


OOH! We have a winner from last week's "Share the Love" Give-away!!
Thanks to all of you for putting those little seeds into the wind! I appreciate each one!

SSRNG picked:

Comment # 72:

The prize goes to Gina who shared on Facebook! Thanks Gina! Emily will be in touch to get your your loot!

Thanks All!!


By Leigh 10.31.2011 – 9:06 am


Photos © 2011 Curly Girl Design, Inc./Leigh Standley. all rights reserved.

A few truths.


So, it's very very early in the morning and I did something I don't usually do. I gave in to the 'awakes' and came downstairs, turned on a light, made a cup of tea and sat down with myself. Usually, I lie there and try and force myself to go back to sleep, knowing full well what a beast I am when I don't get at least 8 hours. That's right, I said "at least". Also, because I am a rule-follower and I know you are not really supposed to be awake at 3:30 in the morning. Or 4:30 for that matter. Unless you have a job or a baby or a deal with the devil that requires you to do so. I have none of those things, so I fall in line, I get up with the rest of humankind sometime after 6.

None of this is really the point though. The point is that I am stressed out and I need to figure out a few things and apparently, the best time for your brain to figure those things out is before dawn. So I am up, rearranging the cosmos, trying to make as many people happy as possible with one (or let's be honest, an evolving two or three) solution(s). Trying to make something out of something is way harder than making something out of nothing it turns out. I'm making lists, editing, and getting really honest with what I want and what I need and what the people around me want and need.

It's normal to have a deserted-island fantasy right? Is it normal to not want to take anyone but the dog?

When I get to these places, as I sometimes do, I find it helpful to say a few things out loud, count a few blessings and take a few deep breaths. I started doing it here on the blog a while back and it seems like many of you could relate. Thanks for relating.

So, here in no particular order are today's truths:

1.) According to Coach's adolescent development research, human beings need 15 bear hugs a day. 15! I am not getting even close to that. Neither are my employees (I venture to guess). Is it wrong to hug your co-workers? Maybe we should get a hug machine for the office. (add to list)

2.) I feel bad at a lot of things right now.

3.) I am tired, and weary but I'm not worn out. (thank you Jewel)

4.) I think we live in a culture of 'rushing towards' things. Which suggests that we are not where we are supposed to be or that we are missing something where we are. I say walk briskly, but never rush.

5.) I grew that fig! I GREW IT!! (I also ate it. It was delicious.)

6.) Sometimes you have to expect more from people than they expect from themselves. They probably won't like you for it.

7.) I have a good feeling about this.

8.) I sincerely wish there was human -cloning technology. But for adults. I would like to know the keyboard shortcut for that...

9.) Nobody knows what you want or need unless you tell them. This is the first thing we learn as babies. Want something? Cry. (well, don't CRY.... but you know what I mean.)

10.) I have never shied away from a challenge. I have wanted to quit but didn't and I have always been true to myself. 3 points!


That's where I'm at today. How about you?


By Leigh 10.27.2011 – 6:47 am


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Blog-i-versary Give-away #4: Share the Love

The Biz

So my week of give-aways is turning out to be a month of give-aways, ah well. I have some fun stuff to give away so you guys will have to bear with me (suffer through, you know?). This one is the one where I ask you to spread the word. Share the love, shout it from the rooftops, sing it sisters,.... oh, you get the picture.

I have another box of holiday loot to give away! This one is from our lovely licensing partner, Demdaco. They have so nicely provided us with a fantastic box of some of the Curly Girl holiday product that they make!

(product in give-away prize may vary slightly)

You can deck your halls with all things merry and bright this year! Many of these holiday items are already available on our website so if you don't win, you can still be merry!

Here's how to enter:

Post a link to this blog (doesn't have to be this post! Have a favorite post? Share it!) on your blog, facebook page, twitter feed or other outlet. Heck! send a mass email if you think it will connect people you love with a blog you it! Leave a link in your comment on this post (you can enter multiple times if you share it multiple places, just use separate comments please) and say a quick hello! You can also get an entry by putting a "I follow Curly Girl" button on your blog (available right there on the left hand side of this page) and linking to that! It's a linking bonanza!!

The point for me is, that if you love this blog and this product, you probably are friends with cool people who would also love this blog and this product. I love sharing!

Winner will be chosen Friday, October 28th at 10am EST. 

Get thee sharing!! Good luck!!

By Leigh 10.26.2011 – 10:26 am


Cozy Up! - Style Board (and a Winner!)

The Biz and Style File

Good Friday to you! I am taking a little give-away break (don't worry...there are two more!) to bring you a little fall-inspired style board. It's chilly out and the tights and boots and close-toed shoes are in full rotation but it may not quite be full-on coat season just yet (my very favorite kind of weather). This is the time of year that it's all about the accessories! It's their time to shine before really keeping Jack Frost out becomes the main goal and we get all focused on this "function over fashion" nonsense. Pshaw! It is this time of year that I head for my most happy, colorful and textured knits.

Some of you may know that I have a penchant for anything patterned, and also a little bit of an accessory problem addiction. So when the two meet, I start hearing circus music in my head. There are so many wonderful options out there that I think this might be a 4 part series on scarves alone...but I thought I would start with my true north: stripes. And having just spend a small fortune on fun striped socks to usher in my boots and clogs (oh yes, clogs.) for fall, I will include some of my favorite finds there too.What is better than a perky little peek of pattern under a pant leg or sneaking out from above your boot line? I have thought about it, and not much comes to mind at the moment!

I do have to give a shout out to SmartWool here for making some of the very best and most adorable socks around! They are warm, but not too warm and they last forever! Nice job guys! Also! If you are in the Boston/Cambridge area and love socks, head to Cambridge Clogs for the best selection I have seen. Hands down.


1.) Striped Infinity Scarf by Tolani ~ Piperlime (sorry y'all! by the time I got to posting this, it appears to be sold out...they might be just backordered.)

2.) Stripe Sock ~ Topshop

3.) Black Stripe Snood ~ Topshop

4.) SmartWool High Isle Sock ~ REI

5.) Colorful Fair Isle Slippers ~ Forever21

6.) Paul Smith Stripe Scarf ~ FarFetch

7.) Epice Plum Stripe Scarf ~ Shop Goldyn (* Hey Santa! This would look LOVELY on me...)

8.) SmartWool Frilly Knee Highs ~ Sahalie

9.) Pinwheel Circle Scarf ~ Madewell

Hope this helps you get a little Cozy! Let me know your faves!


We also have a winner from the Sweetheart Sponsor Love-bomb give-away!! Thanks for showing them such love! I hope you found some clever, beautiful and interesting things on the way!

The SS Number Generator picked:

Comment #41 from Heather G. who found delight in Amy Peter's Studio's Starlight Rings!

Congrats Heather! Emily will be in touch to get you your CGD Holiday loot!!

Side note on Holiday Products: Many of you are wondering when/how you can get a hold of some of the CGD holiday product. I know! It's time! Our holiday cards and boxed sets will be on the website in short order. I will make an announcement when they go live. As for the rest of the product, we have SUCH limited quantities and have no access to more on some of the items, that I will be posting them here on the blog so you guys get first dibs. We will do them first-come first-serve style through our office. It is not an ideal situation, but I don't think anyone knew how dang cute all this stuff was gonna be and how fast it would sell through (except for me, of course!). I will be starting that process next week. Stay tuned and THANK YOU for loving it as much as I do!


By Leigh 10.21.2011 – 10:32 am


Blog-i-versary Give-away #3: Sweetheart Sponsors

The Biz and Sweetheart Sponsors

Hello there! Many apologies for leaving you for so long! This Blog-i-versary thing is turning out to be a month-long celebration (but who's complaining?not me!) I had to step out to head down to the Southern Women's Show to hang out with the girls from Where Women Create and get a little crafty with some southern women!

Today I want to say thank you to all of the Sweetheart Sponsors of this blog. You all took a chance on this blog from the very beginning and I couldn't be more grateful. You know that there is a whole community of fabulous, intelligent, creative, caring, clever women (and a few guys...I think) out there that stop by this little corner of the world to check in and want to see what's going on here. You believed, from the get-go that what I had to say here was relevant and you wanted to be part of it.

Ok, some of you are my friends and didn't have a choice.

But still, you all offer something beautiful and clever and intelligent and brave and I am so glad that folks can connect to you here. Thank you for being part of the beginning... I hope we can grow together for many years to come.

So here is the deal! I want these guys to feeeeeeeel the love this week!!

Today's give-away is courtesy of Santa Barbara Design Studio. You may know them as the fine producers of Curly Girl mugs, candles, wineglasses and other fabulous things. They have created some FABULOUS holiday products for me this year (so fabulous in fact, they are almost all sold out!) and have squirreled a few away for me to give to fabulous you!

The winner of today's give-away will get two holiday wine glasses, a holiday doo-dad jar and a set of the holiday mini-votives! What a haul!

All you have to do is take a gander over to the right hand side of my blog...see all those cute sponsor ads?? Click on them! Visit them! Tell them you stopped by and read a little about what they do and who they are. Heck! Shop with them if you can. Make sure they feel the Curly Girl love. Then, post a comment here and link to a comment or post or other proof that you were there and get entered. Each visit counts as a separate entry so get busy!! One link per comment please.

Winner will be chosen Thursday 10/20/11 at 10am EST

Thanks all for being such a wonderful part of this. If you would like to learn more about becoming a sponsor of this blog, email:


Also! We have a winner of the 'Local Love' give away!
You guys posted so many wonderful locations! Thanks for shopping with them and thanks to those shops for carrying Curly Girl!!!

Sexy-random number generator picked:

Comment #126 from Amelie, who shops at Zola Craft Gallery in Durham, NC!!

Congratulations Amelie and Zola!! Emily will be in touch soon to get you your prizes!!


By Leigh 10.18.2011 – 3:37 pm


Blog-i-versary Give-away #2: Local Love

The Biz

Oh my heavens!! You guys!! I am just bowled over by the amount of comments and love and niceness from the first give-away post!! Thank You! I loved reading each one of your comments and got such a huge kick out of hearing your stories of how you came to know Curly Girl. I know I have said this before, but I can't resist the daydream of having all of you in the same room at the same time! What fun that would be!? I am just sure you would all love each other...and there would probably be cake...

I was thrilled to hear so many of you mention the local (or in many cases, Mlps airport- go Zozo!) shops where you found Curly Girl product, met me, or where you regularly stock up. These stores are the absolute heart and soul of what we do here. I could spend a lifetime making things that make your heart sing, but if no one is bringing it to you, its work is not being done.

These buyers and shop owners spend their days making beautiful spaces and experiences for you, they live in your communities, they support your towns and districts, they may even employ you or your children. They comb the world to bring you inspiring and wonderful things and to make something unique in your community. And in about 3000 cases nation wide, they have connected to my work and are connected enough to you to bring you Curly Girl Design. Many of them, like The Artful Hand Gallery in Chatham, MA, Helen Winnemore's in Columbus, OH and Domus, in NYC have been ordering from us since our very first trade show in 2004 (when we only sold 12 cards!).

That, friends, is community building. They have built this community. They have brought you to me. And for that, I am forever grateful.

So not only do they help build this wonderful little love-fest we are having here, but they quite literally keep us in business. Curly Girl does not exist if these wonderful places do not buy it, and so I think it is time to give them a shout out or two!

I know many of you did this in the first give-away, but please do it again so we can make sure as many little corners of Curly Girl Nation are being represented.

So here's the deal:

This one's for the die-hard card collector. The winner of this give-away will get a hand-selected collection of 40 different Curly Girl Cards to stash away or send. ALSO, whichever lucky local shop that the lucky winner mentions in their comment will also win! 20% off their next card order with us! Win-win!! I love winning!

To enter:

Comment on this post with the location and name of the store where you found, discovered or most frequently buy your Curly Girl product. You can make more than one comment if you have more than one fave store, but one store per comment please. You can also get additional entries by posting on the shop's facebook page or blog (if they have one) about this give-away and linking to it in a separate comment here.

Because there have been so many commenting, we are going to stretch this out a little, the winner will be chosen at 10am EST on Thursday Oct 13. Good luck and thanks for supporting your local stores!


Oh! We have a winner from the canvas give-away!! I used the super-sexy random number generator and it pulled:

Comment # 252, which is Tina Boogren!! :

Congratulations Tina! Emily will be in touch to get your canvas ordered!

Thanks again all, for your super-nice comments! You made it such a great year!


By Leigh 10.11.2011 – 8:29 am


image from:

365 days of thinking out loud. (well, kinda)

The Biz and journal

This week marks The World According to Curly Girl's first birthday, and as I look back on the past 365 or so days, the only thing I can think to say is: thank you.

This web-log came to be in this world through a cocktail of influence. A good dose of bullying by friends and fans, some encouragement by colleagues, a jigger of natural curiosity garnished with a twist of desire to write something longer than 3 lines.

It also came with a chaser of that little voice in my head that says: "oh that's just one more thing you will start and never finish."

It's that chaser that usually tips the scales. "What!? You think I can't do that?!....Oh, I can DO that. I'll show you..." Sometimes that's all it takes for me. A challenge. In this case though, I employed the other sure-fire way to get me to get something done: a deadline. Though, not any self-imposed deadline would do. This one had to be big. In fact, it had to be in another continent. I signed up for Holly Becker's Blogging retreat in Marrakech, Morocco. I had up to that point read all of 4 blogs in my life, Holly's was one of them any Maryam's was another. I had been reading them as totally separate experiences from one another, so when Holly said she was teaching in Marrakesh, and I clicked through and found that she was teaching at Maryam's guest house my brain almost exploded. It seemed like a sign. (Okay, Morocco had long been on the bucket list and it was in October, just about the only month I can do any 'me' travel) but it seemed cosmic in a way, so I signed up.

The minute I hit "submit" on my application for the trip, I started to sweat. I immediately called Coach to tell him I may have done something impulsive (read: I am a naturally impulsive person, so that may have made him sweat to hear me say that). The trip was expensive, and non-essential, and, in Africa. Oh, and by the way, you're not invited.

Coach calmly asked me how much I had spent, got some details of the trip, and then said: "Sounds amazing. You should go!" Good man.

There was one other major catch, to go to a blogging retreat, I needed a blog. So on October 6th, 2010 I wrote my first post and welcomed the world to my little corner of it. In the weeks and months since then I have found my voice as a blogger, a writer, a creative, a bosslady, a friend, a young wife, a business owner and have tried to represent my product in the most authentic way possible. I have been blown away by the support and enthusiasm of my readers, friends and sponsors and Curly Girls all over the world. I have to say that even a year later, when someone tells me they follow my blog, my first thought is "ohmygosh! ...and you're not even my Mom!" (though to be fair, I think my Dad is a more loyal reader...thanks Pops!)

So my 'thank you" is to everyone who reads this and to all the people who bugged me for years to write a blog (YOU WERE RIGHT! I love it!) and to myself for rising to the challenge of being an active participant in my own life. Writing it down. Saying it out loud...well, kinda.

What would a birthday/anniversary be without presents!!!??

To celebrate my stick-to-it-iveness, I am starting a week of give-aways! Yep. A WEEK. Lucky ducks! The winner of today's give-away will get a Curly Girl Wall Canvas of her/his choice. Go big or go home right? This is a whole year of follow-through we are talking about here people! I mean business!!

All you have to do to enter is: leave a comment on this post and tell me how you found the blog, how long you've been reading and what your favorite thing has been. This give-away is for true-blues, so no tweeting or repeating necessary! Just let me know you're out there!

Winner will be chosen on Monday 10/10 at 10am.


By Leigh 10.07.2011 – 9:44 am


Photos © 2011 Curly Girl Design, Inc./Leigh Standley. all rights reserved.

Halloween at Marmalade

Photos and Brick & Mortar

So the girls and I have been busy at the shop getting it all 'spooked' up and ready for October and one of our favorite work-days of the year: Halloween!! This year, we are in the town center so will hopefully get loads of little ghosts and goblins looking for treats! Here is some of the fun, sparkly stuff that is going on in our little brick & mortar.

We are also in full swing with our crafty class schedule here at the shop. Next up is "pumpkin arting" in a couple of weeks... there will be glitter involved...check it out if you can!!

What are you doing to get ready? Any favorite Halloweeny things??


By Leigh 10.05.2011 – 4:59 pm


She’s Crafty - By Birth.

She's Crafty and Inspired

Happy October! I have had the pleasure of spending the first weekend of this glorious month with my parents visiting from St. Louis. I had loads of outdoor plans for them but we were inevitably foiled by rain. I am starting to think I should only do spontaneous outdoor activities, never planned. I am batting 1000 for rained out plans this year. Oh well, the inside-time allowed my Mom and I to do 'projects'....and my poor Dad to get some reading and napping in. Sorry Dad!

Whenever my Mom and I are together we usually have some creative project that we "have" to get done. This weekend, I had all of the supplies for my upcoming "Bloom Loom Bonanza" Class at Marmalade and we made adorable fabric, yarn and ribbon flowers well into the night! It is so fun to do you find yourself looking at all sorts of things wondering if it would make a cute flower...not even the dental floss is safe! If you are local to Boston and want to hang out and give it a try there are still a few spots left for Tuesday night's class. Sign up!

My mom is a newly retired elementary art teacher, so craftiness, resourcefulness and cleverness are pretty much her nature. I grew up with glorious and sometimes hilarious (like the time we went as bags of dog food) Halloween costumes and school projects. We recycled, upcycled or repurposed everything and learned to make even the most mundane things fancy. She is a visionary and I am fortunate to share a bloodline with her. 

Because I knew she was coming, and because the people across the street from me are apparently cleaning out their basement, I did a little trash-picking on Friday. I found this little cart:

Which despite being a tad dirty, was in perfect working order. "How useful!" I thought, and dragged it inside before any of my neighbors saw me in my pajamas. Together with a can of spray paint, some spray mount and a yard of fabric, my Mom and I turned it into this:

In just a couple hours. Not sure what I am going to do with it, but I am sure it will come in handy for something!

The fabric I found here. It's by Anna Maria Horner who I have a great big professional crush on.

So Mom and I have had a pretty craft-tastic weekend together (my parents have also done a great deal of yard work too, for which I am eternally grateful.) We have a few things left to do before they depart, if we make anything amazing I will be sure to share!

Speaking of craft-tastic, one of our Curly Girl staffers, Laura had her very first craft show booth yesterday at a local school and we went out to see her.

Laura has been a bright and shiny part of CGD for three years now, she packs all of your website orders with love and fairy dust and is the magic behind our wholesale catalog among many many other things. Laura started selling her line Paper Taxi, on her fresh new etsy site just a couple of months ago and its cuteness just takes my breath away.

This past weekend she set up shop at a local craft fair, and was simply the best booth in the place! I couldn't help but buy a pair of her adorable tassel earrings and a few cards to send to my most special of specials.

She is so incredibly talented and adorable you will not be able to resist her magic. Please check her out if you can and tell her I sent you. We love having her at Curly Girl (and totally need her), but something tells me her hot air balloon will soon be on to bigger and better things! I can't wait to watch her grow! You can also find her on her blog.

Congrats LWz!

Ok, that's about all the fabulousness I can fit into one little blog post! It's a big week here at CGD as I celebrate my first blog-i-versary... my first post was exactly a year ago on Thursday. Who knows what crazy thing I will get up to for that!? Any suggestions?? Anyone out there who has been reading since day one?? I would love to hear from you!


By Leigh 10.03.2011 – 3:18 pm

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