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Holiday House Tour 2011


Hello and Happy Holidays to you all!! I am back after taking a handful of much-needed days of unplugging. No Facebook, no blog, no Twitter only a tiny bit of email and mostly just eating and hanging with my family. This Christmas my Mom and Dad made the long drive to Boston from St. Louis and my brother flew up to be with us. This was an enormous gift in itself as this year has been a little bit hectic for us with the new shop and Coach's school and basketball schedule.

The girls and I worked until mid-afternoon on Christmas Eve before we shut the doors at Marmalade. We said goodbye to our last customer, locked the doors, popped champagne and cranked Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You" and danced around the shop! It was a very busy and fun first season at the shop and though we were bleary-eyed, I had an incredible team and they made it an absolute blast!

With all of this, my own personal Christmas tree was not even purchased until December 20th. Coach and I had not had a moment together to get one, and when we popped out 5 days before Christmas to our local Lion's Club where we get our tree every year, we pulled up only to realize that they were SOLD OUT!


I nearly burst into tears convinced that we had waited too long and now nothing would be right. Coach calmly suggested a few other spots where we might find a straggler. We went to the next place, and though they only had about 20 trees left, we found one that was a good fit and brought it home and put lights on it.

It then sat there for another 3 days until, only moments before having company over, we quickly (but festively- Thanks Coach) put our hand full of ornaments on it and a big star on top.

All of this is to say that I could have used a few more weeks of "Christmas time" to get all the decorating and festivity in. I made the house cozy in as many ways as I could and am pretty sure nobody noticed but me. I did a little holiday house tour last year after we first moved in, so some of this will look familiar. I try to change it up every now and again as I add to my collection of grown-up Christmas decor.

I made the winter beds for the guestroom and set out the bar for a little cocktail party for friends. Of course, somehow most of my photos from Christmas Day were of the dogs. My parents drove in large part so they could bring their dog Maddie and while they were not wrestling or tearing around the house, I took approximately one million photos of them. They got an equivalent amount of treats, so they didn't seem to mind. All of us are hitting the treadmill this January.

So here are the photos I managed to get between cookies and movies and opening gifts. I am so grateful for having this time with my family, for having this time to rest and for all the blessings that came with this year. Among those blessings is you. Thanks for reading and sharing and just being out there. It is such a lovely thing.

I am so looking forward to a brand new year!!


By Leigh 12.30.2011 – 11:27 am


The best gifts come on airplanes.

Photos and journal

I hope you enjoyed the gift guides and found them even a tiny bit helpful. Next year I will try to get them out a little earlier, so the elves have a little more time to work. Speaking of gifts, I got one of the best gifts ever a few weeks ago when I had a houseful of friends in town and a very pleasant surprise.

Since many of my nearest and dearest live far away it is sometimes hard to keep caught up with one another and know the little details of the every day. We make a point to see one another regularly and try hard to catch up on the phone, but all lead busy lives and I often feel the miles between us. I secretly daydream about them all living on my street and having the most fantastic block parties.

Since December is an insanely busy month for me and since Lacy was taking her health coaching practice to the next level, I asked her if she would come out to Boston (from sunny California) to cook for me and Coach for a week and squeeze in a visit. She is a very obliging girl and happily agreed. We have loads of photos and recipes to share and I can't WAIT to tell you about it in a couple of weeks.

The food was magnificent, the company sublime and we had timed it right so she would be in town for the 4th annual Marmalade Friends & Family party. Lots to celebrate! Our first year in the new location, and just an annual fun party for Marmalade and Curly Girl Staff and our friends and families.

My college bestie Laura was coming up from DC for the festivities and I knew the two of those girls would just love each other. I love having everyone in one place!

The night of the party arrived, and I managed to stay awake long enough to attend (I wish I was kidding more than I am...) and after a few moments chatting with some of our guests, I looked up and saw someone come in the door. In my mind, I thought: "WOW! That girl looks JUST like Wendy. Weird." As she walked towards me I realized that it WAS my other college bestie having just flown in from Kansas City to surprise me!! This is how it went:




I love love love surprises but am usually the one executing them and not the one on the receiving end! Wendy and Laura had managed to keep it under wraps and even had Coach in cahoots! I was on cloud 9. (Thanks Lee M. for the pics and being there to capture this moment for me.) We got to spend the weekend catching up, hanging out and just being in the same space together for a tiny bit.

We took the dogs to the beach with another friend (thanks Lizzy for the pics) and had a perfect New England winter day - including lobster and onion rings!

I had such a happy day with my girls. I felt like a dog at the beach! Thanks to all who made that feeling possible!

Time well spent with those you hold dear is too big to put on any wish-list or gift guide. It doesn't fit into a stocking or sit under the tree.

It calls you on a Wednesday or shows up with a bottle of wine. It takes a walk with you, or a long drive. It travels through two airport hubs and goes through security to get to you. It doesn't involve gadgets or take batteries or need it's software to be upgraded, in fact, it often requires you to unplug.

It is the best gift you can give someone else or yourself and it will never be worth less than what you paid the day after Christmas! I promise.


Have a safe and happy Christmas holiday and may your time together be as rich and buttery as the cookies you eat!

Have a greatest gift ever? I would love to hear about it!


By Leigh 12.23.2011 – 8:54 am


2011 Holiday Gift Guides: From Marmalade

Style File

Ok kittens! It's getting down to the wire! Many places (including Curly Girl and Marmalade) consider this the final cut-off shipping date (pretty much for 2 and 3 day UPS shipments). So click now or forever hold your peace! In honor of this busiest week for our friends in brown, I thought I would tempt you with a few of my faves from Marmalade.

Now, because we don't have a functioning website for the shop yet, you will have to call and talk to an actual human being to place your order, but we like to think of that as quaint. Old School even. Think: Little House on the Prairie. Ok, it's not that bad. You just have to call us and have us ship it to you. We are really nice.

To order any or all of the below items call us at our shop Marmalade: 617-484-0093 and tell us you saw something on the blog that you loved and can we ship it to you? Please and thank you.

Here are some of the brightest and shiniest things in our shop:

1.) Cluster Initial Necklaces: These are a nice take on the classic monogram necklace, but with a quirky twist. Each gold-vermeil letter comes with its own set of baubles and charms. Chains are 17" and lay just right. (colors are as shown, they are not interchangeable)

2.) Orange 'Carmen" Scarf: This gorgeous statement of a scarf is as warm as it is stylish. Made by artisans in India of 100% merino wool this will be her favorite winter fling.

3.)"Milk" Scent Diffuser: This is Coach's favorite scent. He even asks me to bring it home from the shop! A beautiful, fresh, 'laundry-ish" scent is perfect for any room in your home. Made with essential oils, these diffusers, which are made in St. Louis, will never overwhelm you with scent or be too perfumey. Just a perfect, mellow addition to your home.

4.) Yellow Crewel-work Pillow: What a little spot of sunshine this is!? A perfect throw pillow for any little place that needs a pick-me-up.

5.) Tiny Ugg-shaped Lipgloss: I love these silly little things! The sole of this tiny winter boot is filled with lipgloss. Perfect for your little Ugg and lipgloss-obsessed  friends!

6.) Spartina Silver Dew Sling Bag: Oh! This pattern! These beautiful bags, made on Daufuskie Island, SC are just so expertly made and so beautiful you can't believe it. The shape of this bag is the perfect cross between a bucket bag and a hobo. Big enough to get all of your stuff in there, but not like carrying around a suitcase!

7.)Stephanie Johnson Cosmetic Bags: These were new for us for the holidays and are going fast! They are gorgeous with their gold star pattern and perfect-for-all-things sizes. Lined for use with cosmetics but perfect to use as a little clutch for parties. Other colors available.

8.)Fleece-lined Knit Fingerless Gloves: We have had to order these gloves multiple times this season because everyone is buying several pairs!! (I may actually be guilty of just that...) Brilliantly lined with fleece and super warm these little mitts leave your fingers free to use your various devices while keeping your hands toasty! They come in the most magnificent colors too! (Multi is shown)

9.)Chevron Throw: I posted a photo of these fantastic cotton throws awhile back and got a lot of inquiries. These are perfect for the foot of the bed or to cuddle up with on the couch. They come in navy, rust (orange), aqua, khaki and delightful. (Well, that last one I just made up).

10.) Plenty by Ottolenghi: I don't care if you rarely eat a vegetable (which if that's true, we need to talk...) or rarely cook with them, once you get your hands on this STUNNING book you will never be the same. By chef Yotam Ottolenghi, who has some fantastic eateries in London if you get the chance, this mostly-veg cookbook shows even the meatiest of meat lovers how to love the earth's bounty. Fastest selling book in the shop. Hands down.

11.) Lucky Star Necklace by Robindira Unsworth: I am not sure if it is because it is called the "lucky star" necklace or because it is so beautifully made and ever-so-slightly sparkly and hangs just right around my neck, but I have not taken this necklace off since we got this line in. Made of 22K gold (also available in silver) and one beautiful CZ I can't think of a better gift for your lucky star.

Ok! Call soon if you want to scoop these up! We look forward to chatting!


By Leigh 12.20.2011 – 1:04 pm


2011 Holiday Gift Guides: For Her

Style File

If you have a lovely lady on your list and she thinks ever so slightly out of the box, this list is for you. This is for your clever and creative creature, your classic-with-a-twist-of-bohemian bestie, your always-an-element-of-surprise sister, your chic and sparkly soul-mate.

I am in a wintery mood, so these things have a touch of romance to them. A bit of wool, a bit of warmth, animal prints, some candle light and naturally, some sparkle.

1.)  Minnow Drops ~ Anthro: Golden and sparkly and just the right amount of size. These gorgeous earrings are just the thing to go with that New Year’s dress or a cozy sweater and boots. I love the tone on tone here.

2.)  Metalic Leather Cuff ~ Swedart (on etsy): A customer turned me on to these gorgeous hand-made leather and metal bracelets. I love all of the varieties of them, but these were especially magnificent to me. I really like metallic leathers and the combination of the shiny and matte is really nice here. These are expertly made right here in Massachusetts.

3.)  Vintage Floral Tassel Scarf ~ Nordstrom: It may be true that I have rarely met a scarf that I didn’t like, but this tassel scarf calls to me. It says: “Take me on your adventures!” Which means I simply must have a few coming up!

4.)  Fancy Camera Strap ~ Camera Strap Couture: Hand-made in the USA by two moms in California, these beautiful straps are a stand-out in a sea of SLRs. If she is like me and seems to always have one on her shoulder, why not make it beautiful? These are some of the prettiest I’ve found! (Note: they are closed for the holidays as this goes to publish, but you can certainly have it be the first gift of the new year! Shipping resumes Jan 2.)

5.)  Skinny Calf Hair Belt ~ J.Crew: I have a serious love of leopard print, but it has to be the right leopard print in the right proportion. This skinny belt is a perfect accessory for the un-animal print initiated, or the seasoned accessorizer. A gorgeous pop of  pattern for, I’ll say it, just about any outfit…go ahead…try to not love it!

6.)  Floral Sequin Tank ~ Old Navy: Yay!! Sequins!! Seriously, how can you look at sequins and not be happy!? This tank is a perfect neutral color with beautiful metal sequins in a fabulously chic rose pattern. A brilliant little treat for any day she is feelin’ festive.

7.)  Women’s Premium Wellies ~ Joules: Oh that contrast zipper! I love wellies, and it was almost hard to pick my favorites when perusing the vast assortment at Joules. Stripes? Love. Floral? Love. Short. Tall. Shiny. Matte. The possibilities! I settled on these because I love the pop of pink, and this mushroom color would look so cute with lots of cozy sweaters. Good luck figuring out your fave.

8.)  Book Dock Charger ~ Rich Neeley Designs: Probably one of my favorite things of the whole year. This clever guy makes iPod and iPhone docks out of gorgeous classic books! Some are vintage, some are new and he can even make one out of your favorite if you send it!! I can’t imagine anything more perfect for the bookshelf or beside table. In fact, I think I have “Pride & Prejudice” coming my way in a few weeks! (Note: These are custom made and take awhile to ship. Rich offers gift certificates so you can give it at Christmas and she can choose her own book later. Plus, if you use my link you can get 15% off your order! !5% will not apply to GC, but to the ultimate purchase...)

9.)  Pegasus Necklace ~ Stella and Dot: A customer came into my shop wearing this bib necklace and I nearly fell over it trying to ask her where she got it. It is absolutely Cleopatra-esque and looked amazing tucked demurely under a wee cardigan. A total statement piece. All Hail!

10.)Capri Blue Murcury Glass Jar Candle ~ Anthro: My best friend Wendy gave this to me as a gift and I burned it nearly everyday until it was gone. I then gave one to my mom as a gift and she is burning hers every day. I have decided that I want only this candle as gifts from now on. I would take my paycheck in this candle if that were possible. (Well, Coach might have something to say about that…) Bottom line: Get. This. Candle.

11.)Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick ~ Marmalade (617-484-0093): If she loves a superior interior, this is the book for her coffee table. This gorgeous, totally readable and completely helpful book is a must-have for all levels. Holly makes design approachable without excuse making and the photos beautiful and full of inspiration.

12.)Homemade Marshmallows Coat ~ Modcloth: This coat makes me all ready for a winter picnic in the woods or a sleigh ride to grandmother’s house. The vintage style and flattering belt are spot on, and well, it’s plaid. What more could she want?

13.) Josephine Handbag by Amy Butler ~ Bowling Green Hats: We have carried this in Marmalade, but are totally sold out. I found some at the website above and recommend that you scoop them up. This roomy bag is loaded with gorgeous details and beautifully made from Amy Butler fabrics. The leather handles are large enough to put over her shoulder, even if she is wearing the aforementioned coat on the aforementioned sleigh ride and the bag is roomy enough to pack for grandmother’s house.

14.) Timex Originals Easy Reader Leopard Watch ~ Piperlime: Um, hello!? Classic watch face, Timex and what? A leopard print band!!? If you hear a thud, it’s me fainting. I can’t think of anything more to say except I am pretty sure Marilyn Monroe had one of these. Almost positive.


Ok girls! I hope I’ve done you proud!! Let me know if there is anything I missed that you can’t live without!


By Leigh 12.18.2011 – 11:37 am


2011 Holiday Gift Guides: For Him

Style File

10 days til Christmas and let me guess who you have not crossed off your list…he’s handsome, often funny, super practical, ever so hard to buy for and …male. As someone with one husband, one brother, one father and zero sisters, I am right there with ya.

This year, I have been on the hunt and have put together a pretty stellar list of sweet gifts for the guys on your list. They are useful, yet stylish, classy but not stuffy, rugged, yet handsome. This is like the Paul Newman of gift guides! So ladies, help is here. And gentlemen, (that’s you, John from Red Orchard) pass this one on to her if you see anything you like. Santa needs all the help she can get!


1.)  Woolrich Classic Wool Field Coat ~ Woolrich : I am pretty sure all seven of the Pontipee brothers were wearing this coat while wooing them women. (bonus points if you get that) This classic wool coat is classic for a reason. It has been the same handsome thing since the 1800s. Not only is it warm, but Coach would want me to let you know that it sheds water too. (We talk A LOT about the merits of moisture barriers in athletic gear around here…) Win Win. Love Love.

2.)  Kiehls Original Musk ~ Kiehls : This oh-so-refreshing take on cologne dates back to the 1920’s when Kiehls was not a mall store, but an apothecary. It used to be called “Love Oil” which I can understand. He will smell as if he just stepped out of the shower. A very manly shower. Which is such a nice antidote to all things Axe.

3.)  Cheesemonger’s Kitchen ~ Marmalade (617-484-0093): This book celebrates chef and cheesemonger Chester Hastings quarter-century career in the dairy arts with delicious cheese-focused recipes and beautiful photography. Perfect for your fromage-o-phile.

4.)  BOOK iPad cover ~ Ned Relow: Oh be still my book-loving heart! This hand crafted gorgeous bit of cleverness from Ned Relow will satisfy his eye for classic design, practicality and technology in one perfect package. Perfect for the back-pack or bedside table and made from sustainable and natural materials, with this he can have his book, and ‘e’ it too! Made to order.

5.)  Hammond Boots ~ Sundance: You know how I love a vintage design made beautifully modern. These handsome boots look like they were handed down to him by James Dean. Made in the USA with hand-washed leather and bound to become a fast favorite of his feet!

6.)  Zebrawood iPhone Case ~SWcases (on Etsy): I can hardly handle the coolness of this beautiful rare wood, this natural material being crafted to protect our delicate but now necessary tiny tools of technology. The situation is downright poetic. Handmade in San Diego, these gorgeous cases are one-of-a-kind just like him.

7.)  Shaving Supplies from Prospector Co.: This company has taken a shine to the art of shaving. With a nod to posterity and an eye for clean design, they are issuing some fine tools for the facially-follicled. Pictured are Peary & Henson Aftershave and Miss Annie Jones Shaving Oil.

8.)  Baseball Bat Bottle Openers ~Marmalade (617-484-0093) or Uncommon Goods: Is he a basebal fan?! These bottle openers are made from real broken baseball bats from major league games! Available for specific teams (we have Red Sox at Marmalade) or general MLB bats, each comes with an authorization number that links the bat to the player that broke it and the game it was used in. As far as I’m concerned, this is a home run!

9.)  Princeton Tech Headlamp ~ REI: These seem goofy until you wish you had one! Great for biking, hiking, reading in bed, and really handy when the power goes out in a storm these things are great to have around.

10.) Wall-Mount Bottle Opener ~ Vermont Kitchen Supply Co.: Coach and I got one of these as a gift and mounted it on the kitchen island. It is quirky, useful and makes it fun to open bottles! Super stocking stuffer!

11.) Screenprint ~ Monorail (on Etsy): These hand silk-screened prints are ready to frame and perfect to hang in your home or his office. What a clever (and man-friendly) little love note from you to him. Available in several colors.

12.) Whiskey Stones ~ Gents Supply Co. : He loves whiskey, but does he have the stones for it? These little cubes are made out of nonporous soap stone. Keep them in the freezer, then put them in the glass before you pour. The stones will keep the drink cold without diluting it. Nothing watered down about that.

13.) Filson Medium Duffel ~ Filson: Every man ought to have one gorgeous piece of luggage. Something understated, well-made and long, long lasting. This water-repellent (you’re welcome Coach), heavy-duty shoulder duffel is just the thing. He will be classy coming and going.

Okay! That's the best I've got! What is your favorite man-gift??

Happy Giving!


By Leigh 12.15.2011 – 6:56 pm


“Dear Santa” - My Christmas Wish List

Style File

Hello Lovlies!! Sorry to have been away so long. This time of year is an absolute circus act in my corner of the world. By the time we have gotten all of our wholesale orders out to stock our lovely stores with Curly Girl goodies, the holiday retail season begins on our website and in our shop, Marmalade. We have been very blessed this year with a fabulous retail season (sing it!) and beyond fabulous customers but it has got the elves working overtime (quite literally in some cases...). The elves all need spa days. For real.

I love every harried minute of it though! No lie. Christmas is my favorite! I love the hustle and bustle and the energy of it all... pretty much if it involves twinkle lights, count me in! The whole town here it seems is bejeweld with tiny lights and folks are in a generally festive mood. I love it. So, between packing orders, helping customers, getting my own house ready for Christmas visitors and trying to get all of the 'i''s dotted and 't's crossed I have been away from the blog, and I've missed you!

SO. 'Tis the season for gift guides! Over the next week I have a bunch to share with you to celebrate one of my absolute joys: gift giving. I am not being the tiniest bit sarcastic here at all. If I could do it professionally, I would. I love trying to figure people out. What makes them tick? What would they never buy themselves? What makes their heart sing? Or, what, in some cases would be super practical and useful, and eliminate one little thing on their 'to-do' list?. These things keep me up nights.

This passion for gift-giving, along with my proximity to the retail/wholesale industry and ever-changing whims makes me, as it has been pointed out, almost impossible to buy gifts for. So, last year, in the spirit of being helpful, and the notion that 'sometimes you have to ask for what you want", I made a list. I sent the list to my family so they might have a guide. It was well received, for the most part (except for by my cousin who found my tastes extravagant...duh.) and has been requested again.

This year I thought I would start the week of Gift-Guides by sharing mine. These are things that I love, have wanted, use often, day-dream of or think are cool. Some are practical, some are extravagant... it is a wish-list after all... and who knows...Santa is a pretty great guy, and I have been very good this year!

Note: I typically very much suggest shopping as locally as possible, but as this is my real list for my real family, and they don't live anywhere near me, I tried to make it as easy for them as possible

1.) Women's Hooded Gilet ~ Joules I wear a puffy vest almost every day when I walk Lucy. This one is a little puffier, and frankly a little chic-er than the one I have been wearing for a few years. I love the secret plaid inside the hood. Loving what Joules is doing!

2.)Twirl by Kate Spade ~ Nordstrom I am a perfume girl, but am pretty picky when it comes to scent. My family sometimes calls me 'the nose' because I have a very sensitive schnoz. I love the lightness of this scent (though, I loved her original one (now discontinued) more!) plus, it comes in such a pretty bottle!

3.)Woolrich Chalet Slipper Socks ~ Sundance I asked for these last year but they were sold out. These beg for lazy Sunday mornings and a New York Times Syle section and crossword. (size M)

4.Kevia Vintage Cocktail Ring ~ Garnet Hill Oh my! I do love sparkly jewels, but this one looks like it came from a far away land and was made just for me! I particularly love the emerald color with the warm gold. Pretty please Santa? (P.S. I'm a size 6)

5.)Heartsease Bowls ~ Anthro I am actually on a strict one-in one-out bowl-policy in my house, but I just really think these are beautiful, plus, they match my holiday place settings!

6.)Adriana Fabric Tote by Fossil ~ Macys Santa already got the low-down on this beautiful bag (and used her coupons!) but I wanted to put it on my list because it is just so dang gorgeous! (and huge! perfect for my honkin' computer!)

7.)Daphne Crown Tank ~ Anthro this tank is just lovely. You can't tell from the picture, but the embroidery is silver metalic so it has a very subtle sparkle to it. I think it will be perfect over skinny jeans with a cardigan and boots. Which is pretty much my uniform.

8.)New York Times 36 Book ~ Tachen: I love the section in the NYT where they show you what to do in a city or town over 36 hours. This book is a compilation of 150 of those places in one book. All over the U.S. and Canada. What a great resource to have around and a fun day-dream book!

9.)Smith's Rosebud Salve ~ Sephora I am totally addicted to this stuff! I have it in almost every bag or pocket and use it all the time. I don't wear lipstick but this makes your lips soft and rosey and keeps them from getting chapped. A perfect stocking stuffer!

10.)TOMS Navy Classics (Size 9) ~ TOMS I have several pair of these shoes and cannot say enough good things about them. I would love a million pairs. They are great to work the shop all day or walk around town. The best part is, when you buy a pair, a pair goes to a child in need. How great is that?

11.)Kate Spade Bubbly Dot Champagne Saucers ~ Lenox These are a total extravagance, but I love love love champagne saucers and have been looking for perfect vintage ones for years, but all of them have short stems. These are the best combination I have found of classic style, a little whimsy and a great pair of stems. (not unlike myself... tee hee...)

12.)Bare Escentuals SPF Mineral Veil ~ Sephora I use this everyday and could always stock up on it. It's the best loose powder I have found.

13.)Ace Pilot Stapler ~ Schoolhouse Electric I have a thing for utilitarian objects when they are beautifully made, and I have a strange love of staplers. The old ones were designed to last and work forever, the new ones I want to chuck through the nearest large pane of glass. This one takes standard staples too, some of my other vintage ones do not. Inconvenient.

14.) Fresh Lemon Sugar Parfum ~ Sephora I told you I was a perfume girl. I carry this with me in my bag all the time. It is completely lovely and addictive and refreshing.

15.) Josie Maran Argan Oil Primer Mist ~ Sephora I am totally obsessed with Josie Maran's Argan Oil line and this primer mist has been the stand out for me. I have been using this everyday for about 7 months now (it lasts a long time) under make-up, and I am actually getting random compliments on my skin. Like the lady at the nail shop, and the UPS guy. It's weird. So, it will be on every list I make, ever.


Of Course the best thing anyone could give me is time. I would love more visits with my Mom, Dad and brother. More time with my aunts and cousins. More romantic dates with my husband and fun-filled time with my friends. Face-time is always top on my list. Always Always. More hours in the day would be nice too..if someone could figure that out.

So, that's what's on my list! What's on yours this year? Don't be shy! Santa is everywhere!


By Leigh 12.13.2011 – 4:46 pm


6 things I love about this season


I woke up before dawn today thinking about all the things I needed to get done to get the shop ready for this weekend. This is a big one for us. Our annual holiday open house and sale, which tends to be our busiest day of the year, after which we close the shop for 2 hours and then open it up to our staff, family and friends to thank them and celebrate with them. It is a fun day. A very very long fun day.

To take myself down a stress-notch, I made a quick mini-list of some of my favorite things about the holiday season and thought I would share.

1.)Coziness! Having a home full of family or friends or both. Hunkering down in something flannel with something or someone warm. Love it. (image: via)

2.)Christmas cookies! Making, eating, sharing, packaging...the whole nine. My favorites are my mom's buckeyes and my neighbor Debbie's Italian Grandma Cookies (I don't actually know what they are called, so I call them that.) (image: via)

3.)Dressing up! I love parties and the holidays offer more than their fair share! Bring on the bubbly and the heels! (image: via)

4.)The first snow fall. But just the first one. (image: via)

5.)Singing! I love to sing, and I love Christmas music (yes. I am that person) and the possibilities for song are almost endless this time of year. Bring on the classics! (Image: via)

6.)Hall-decking!! Decorating is my favorite! I just can't get enough of sparkly, magical, glittery things. Or anything that smells like a Christmas tree. Need something wrapped in balsam? I'm your girl. (Image: via)

What are a few of your favorite things about the season?


By Leigh 12.02.2011 – 10:43 am

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