Curly Girl Baby #2!

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While I have been in my studio making stuff, our girl Katie (Curly Girl Customer Service Guru and all around fantastic person) has been out there putting something REALLY REALLY beautiful into the world! On Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 Katie and her husband Ed welcomed this perfect little guy into the world!. Weighing in at 7lbs 13.5oz, Alexander William MacKenzie was born at 4 in the afternoon. Welcome Alex and Congrautlations MacKenzies!!! We love you already!


By Leigh 01.27.2012 – 10:13 am


Spring 2012 Sneak Peek #2!


Oh hello there, I am writing you from my third consecutive day in studio. It's incredible how even though this is part of my job, that phrase sounds like "vacation" to me. Third consecutive day in studio. May as well be "warm tropical breeze" or "national holiday". Ok, warm tropical breeze might be taking it too far, but you get the picture. I actually really love my work, and these studio days remind me how lost in it I can get.

This is the second addition to the line for May (yes, I know, sadly, these won't be available until May) and it is one I have been thinking about for awhile. It is about contrast. And faith.

Contrast to help us keep connected and hopeful and faith because sometimes faith is the only thing that stands between the light and the darkness. Sometimes faith is the only way out and the only way through.

And sometimes it takes a little dark to see the bright bright lights all around you.


By Leigh 01.25.2012 – 6:27 pm


Spring 2012 Sneak Peek!


Hello!! I have been busy at work in my (freshly cleaned and organized!) studio working on the spring release. I thought I would share the first new card of the year!

There are so many times in our lives when things knock us off of our plan. We think we have it figured out or at least sorted in the right direction and then life throws us a curve ball. In the moment that can be devastating, or frustrating or at the very least, super inconvenient. This is a little reminder that our journey is a very different thing than our path.

This goes out to all of those journeys out there right now that are encountering a side road or two.

Crank the mix tape. Sing along, and make sure you enjoy the scenery.


Would love to know your thoughts!

By Leigh 01.24.2012 – 11:03 pm


February is the new January.


It is presently unclear to me how it has been TWENTY DAYS since my last blog post. I have been busy, sure, I am always busy. I have been trying to catch up on a bunch of things and be in several different places at once, yes. But that is not out of the ordinary. It feels as if I have some how been ruffied by my life and woke up three weeks later!

I am so sorry to have disappeared for that long! Thank you so much to those of you who checked on me! (That scene from Bridget Jones where the wild dogs find her in her apartment all alone comes to mind.)  I felt so loved and missed and I marveled a little at the blessing of having a community of almost-strangers whose thoughts went to me when they didn't hear my voice. That is such a lovely thing.

The truth is, I guess I needed a break. After the holidays, which were fun (and beautiful...see my favorite shot of our holiday window at Marmalade above), but frankly, a little hectic...we closed up shop and the warehouse for a few days and counted inventory (not my favorite task). We tried to get the shop back in order, prepared for our Katie's maternity leave and got ready to go to the first of several trade shows.

We packed up, flew to Atlanta, polished off the showroom and did the dog and pony for a solid week before flying home and then I spent the rest of the week catching up at Marmalade, filling orders from our fabulous 'Winter clearance sale" (Nice Job! By the way! You guys know how to snag a deal!) and getting ready to host a baby shower for a dear friend (cute details to follow). I am exhilarated by it all, and a little tuckered out. I have decided that the New Year for me actually starts in February.

February is the new January.

With all of this great stuff piling up on my plate, I find myself bracing myself for it a little bit. I get asked a lot: "How do you do it all? Well, obviously, I don't. Sometimes I come to a screeching halt for, oh, 20 days or so.

The truth is, you can't do it yourself. I have been thinking a ton about this, this past year, but really intensely this past month. As I add more to my plate, more beautiful opportunity, exiting possibility, necessities, obligations, wants, have to's, musts...I have called on my friends and family and co-workers and staff more than I ever have in the past. More than maybe I have wanted to. And graciously, and most-often willingly, they have shown up to help make things happen, get things done or pull something off... it really does take a village.

This is something that I plan to meditate on more this year. Spend some gratitude on, and really get right with. I think in this ever-quickening world we live in, one that is filled with possibility, we can find ourselves wanting to do more and more. There is nothing wrong with that. It can be very inspiring and empowering, but it can also be very defeating when we begin to expect ourselves to be able to accomplish all of those things, and do them well. It exhausts me just to think about.

The reality check is that anyone that seems to be 'doing it all' is not doing it by herself. Not even close. Take a moment to look around from time to time, see who you call on, who helps keep all of your balls in the air. When you figure it out, be grateful for them. If you find yourself short on help, enlist some. And, of course, be part of someone else's village too when you can. It makes everything you accomplish together so much richer and more possible.

It is also just a good idea in general. Your village will usually find you before the dogs do.


What have y'all been up to for the last few weeks??! Fill me in!


By Leigh 01.23.2012 – 11:11 am


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The Great De-Cluttering of 2012 - A studio tour

Photos and The Biz and journal and Studio Tours

Happy New Year!!!! Oh how I love a brand new year! I venture to say that this first, fresh few weeks of the year is among the most sacred times for me. I feel energized, reflective, inspired and creative. I feel full of pride, a little relief and a touch of fatigue over the year I have just wrapped up and then, after a brief but important couple days of hibernation, immerge bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I have big plans for this coming year and those big plans each have a thousand little steps. It is best to approach them one at a time.

In order to put last year to bed, and begin this one there are a few things I must get in order first. Things like inventory at the shop and warehouse, taxes, and travel-plans for the upcoming tradeshow season. There are also a few, ahem, cobwebs that need to be cleaned out. Places in my life where I have let things accumulate making it hard (or unpleasant) to do the things I really want to do in those places. This can apply of course to relationships, thought processes and most obviously to physical spaces. In this case... my studio.

Oh. My studio.

How can one expect to fill the world with creative genius when one cannot find a clear surface on which to put a pencil down! My thoughts go to Sherlock Holmes.

I have a 2011 wrap up post in the works, but this little studio re-org took up the better part of yesterday (into the wee hours of today) and I am pretty excited about it and wanted to share. It was a rough go. An epic organizing session. A true test of my attention span. There were points at which I thought the studio just might win the battle.

It started like this:

Not so bad you say? That's just because everything was shoved into the closets (we did have guests for Christmas after all...)

Not bad, but it would get worse before it got better. About 3 hours into my studio smack down it looked like this:

I had to stop for a snack. I sorted, I stashed, I chucked, I purged, I was merciless yet careful, thrifty yet thoughtful and above all... clever. The best thing I can't believe I didn't think of before was getting this pantry rack for the inside of my art closet door!! It pretty much doubled my storage space for 'small stuff' and made me APPEAR to be far more organized than I actually am! Double points!

I took these photos in the wee hours, so they are kind of dark, but I think you get the picture. All in all, I am pretty excited about how it turned out and can't wait to get in there to make some new cards!

Top 10 great or weird things I found while cleaning:

1.) A letter from a former student that she wrote me after I left the school for a job in Boston. She was secretly my favorite, and attached was her 1st Grade photo. She is now in college!

2.) A Year 2000 U.S. Mint Proof Set of Quarters (my Dad puts them in our stockings and I never know what to do with them!)

3.) A photo booth picture of me and Coach in Italy, right after we got engaged.

4.) The book my friends made me for my 30th birthday...full of letters and photos!

5.) My old retainer. Gross.

6.) A note my Dad left on my desk after they helped move me to Boston.

7.) My ear buds (totally been missing those!)

8.) Both of my LOUIE awards! (better dust those babies off!)

9.) My old 'design files'. Binders full of magazine pages with stuff I liked on them. Life before Pinterest!

10.) A stash of my wedding invitations. Feels like just yesterday and a million years ago at the same time.

So there you have it. As far as my studio goes, it's hospital corners for right now and I'm feeling pretty good about it! It's amazing how much energy you can get from moving some energy around. It sometimes stirs things up a bit, but I have never regretted doing it.
Are you harboring some energy somewhere? Burying a little light? I'll bet you are. We all are. Here is my official plug for getting to it this month. DO IT!! YOU WILL FEEL SOOOOO GOOOD! Promise! And don't worry, you will have plenty of time to go ahead and mess it right back up. That's what life is all about.

What do you need to get to? Say it out loud here. Maybe it will help!


By Leigh 01.03.2012 – 11:12 am

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