A Peachy Little Baby Shower

Photos and journal and She's Crafty

My dear friend Kate is just days away from delivering her first baby and I am so excited about it, I have had to work on 'projects' to distract myself! I have been being crafty, and depending how that goes, I will share the results with you later. In the mean time, I thought I would share some photos of her sweet baby shower that I helped throw a few weeks ago.

We had the totally handy (and special) opportunity to host it at one of the restaurants she and her husband own (and where he is the chef!) which made it both roomy and staffed ( perk-city!) as well as took care of the menu with delicious food!  I was in charge of decor (naturally....), and since the happy parents-to-be have referred to their growing bump as 'The Peach" I decided to go with that as a theme.


I was glad to find some 'springy' flowers at the flower market to keep the color pallet light. I arranged them in bushel baskets and fruit crates filled with ball jars and topped them off with some Chinese paper fans I found to accent the peach color theme. We toasted with peach bellinis and Kate's darling Mom had these delicious cupcakes made up as peachy as could be, by the lovely folks at White Mountain Cupcakery (who, P.S. WON the "Cupcake Wars"!) They were so cute and tasted so good, I was a little conflicted as to whether to look at them or eat them!

I used fruit baskets filled with peach candies or apricots (which look like baby peaches) and tied them off with a pretty peach silk ribbon. As a little 'thank you' for the guests (who showered our girl with adorable gifts) I picked macarons in pinky/peachy shades (and coordinating delicious flavors) and wrapped them up in little polka dot bags, tying them up with some green paper ribbon, which I cut to look like leaves. I painted an Avery sticker sheet with little peaches and hand wrote little 'thank you' messages on each sticker, then color copied the sheet onto other sheets to make the labels for the macaron favors.

The day was lovely from top to bottom, the mamma-to-be was surrounded by love and friends and lots and lots of tiny cute things! Surely a perfect way to usher in a beautiful new addition to our lives! I would even go so far as to say it was 'peach perfect'.

Can't wait to meet this little person!


By Leigh 01.24.2013 – 2:19 pm


Photos © 2011 Curly Girl Design, Inc./Leigh Standley. all rights reserved.

A little do - over.

The Biz and She's Crafty and Brick & Mortar

A while back I found these little darlings at a flea market. They were tired and weary too, but as it happens, not worn out. The pair of office chairs (there are two of the same) were relics from the 80's, circa when everything was covered in carpet. They were covered in a bland, itchy and pretty tired industrial fabric an though had a great, super comfortable shape, and an awesome steel rolling base, were just this side of  "Working Girl" and were headed for a life of office chair glass ceilings.

The little foot stool was just too cute to pass up with its cute feet and all-but-free price tag. I knew these guys had one good do-over left in them.

Several yards of fabric, a good bit of work (by someone far more skilled than myself) and a couple car trips later:

Voila!! These handsome devils are ready to take on some serious (or not so serious) office work or homework, or a few good hall -races if they find their way to a free-wheeling home! They currently sit in the Thanksgiving window at Marmalade but are hopeful to find a new home soon!! I just love them and thought I would share!!


By Leigh 11.21.2011 – 11:28 am


She’s Crafty - By Birth.

She's Crafty and Inspired

Happy October! I have had the pleasure of spending the first weekend of this glorious month with my parents visiting from St. Louis. I had loads of outdoor plans for them but we were inevitably foiled by rain. I am starting to think I should only do spontaneous outdoor activities, never planned. I am batting 1000 for rained out plans this year. Oh well, the inside-time allowed my Mom and I to do 'projects'....and my poor Dad to get some reading and napping in. Sorry Dad!

Whenever my Mom and I are together we usually have some creative project that we "have" to get done. This weekend, I had all of the supplies for my upcoming "Bloom Loom Bonanza" Class at Marmalade and we made adorable fabric, yarn and ribbon flowers well into the night! It is so fun to do you find yourself looking at all sorts of things wondering if it would make a cute flower...not even the dental floss is safe! If you are local to Boston and want to hang out and give it a try there are still a few spots left for Tuesday night's class. Sign up!

My mom is a newly retired elementary art teacher, so craftiness, resourcefulness and cleverness are pretty much her nature. I grew up with glorious and sometimes hilarious (like the time we went as bags of dog food) Halloween costumes and school projects. We recycled, upcycled or repurposed everything and learned to make even the most mundane things fancy. She is a visionary and I am fortunate to share a bloodline with her. 

Because I knew she was coming, and because the people across the street from me are apparently cleaning out their basement, I did a little trash-picking on Friday. I found this little cart:

Which despite being a tad dirty, was in perfect working order. "How useful!" I thought, and dragged it inside before any of my neighbors saw me in my pajamas. Together with a can of spray paint, some spray mount and a yard of fabric, my Mom and I turned it into this:

In just a couple hours. Not sure what I am going to do with it, but I am sure it will come in handy for something!

The fabric I found here. It's by Anna Maria Horner who I have a great big professional crush on.

So Mom and I have had a pretty craft-tastic weekend together (my parents have also done a great deal of yard work too, for which I am eternally grateful.) We have a few things left to do before they depart, if we make anything amazing I will be sure to share!

Speaking of craft-tastic, one of our Curly Girl staffers, Laura had her very first craft show booth yesterday at a local school and we went out to see her.

Laura has been a bright and shiny part of CGD for three years now, she packs all of your website orders with love and fairy dust and is the magic behind our wholesale catalog among many many other things. Laura started selling her line Paper Taxi, on her fresh new etsy site just a couple of months ago and its cuteness just takes my breath away.

This past weekend she set up shop at a local craft fair, and was simply the best booth in the place! I couldn't help but buy a pair of her adorable tassel earrings and a few cards to send to my most special of specials.

She is so incredibly talented and adorable you will not be able to resist her magic. Please check her out if you can and tell her I sent you. We love having her at Curly Girl (and totally need her), but something tells me her hot air balloon will soon be on to bigger and better things! I can't wait to watch her grow! You can also find her on her blog.

Congrats LWz!

Ok, that's about all the fabulousness I can fit into one little blog post! It's a big week here at CGD as I celebrate my first blog-i-versary... my first post was exactly a year ago on Thursday. Who knows what crazy thing I will get up to for that!? Any suggestions?? Anyone out there who has been reading since day one?? I would love to hear from you!


By Leigh 10.03.2011 – 3:18 pm


She’s Crafty! - Mermaid Headdress Tutorial

She's Crafty

It is common knowledge that the older we get the more like our parents we become, so DNA dictates that the older I get, the more interested I am in showing my love through food (thanks Dad!) and the more likely it gets that I will learn to put together a beautiful garden (courtesy of my Mom). It's true, it's happening. But when I catch myself saying things like "Shut the door! I am not paying to air condition the whole neighborhood!" I get a little spooked.

But the truth is that if I have a crafty bone in my whole body, and I may have a few, they are without question gifts from my mother. My mom could make a suitable wedding dress out of toilet paper and bobby pins, and though the occasion did not require that level of ingenuity, when Molly's birthday rolled around I wanted to do something a little goofy and a little special for her big day. I thought about what my Mom would do and tried to channel all of her "ya-ya" creativity. I decided that a really special occasion requires a headdress, and for this beachy bonanza...a mermaid's headdress. I think my Mom would be pretty proud of what I came up with, and Molly danced the night away in hers...so all in all, success!

Here's what you will need to make one of your own:


1.) Scissors

2.) Glue Gun

3.) Glitter (Glitter Glue is easier)

4.) Stapler

5.) A few starfish and a sand dollar

6.) assorted small shells or embellishments

7.) Gel Matte Medium (Modge Podge works well) and a brush ( I like foam)

8.) Florist Stem Wire

9.) Fancy trimmings

10.) Ribbon (a few colors and sizes)

11.) Sticky-back Glitter Foam sheets (x2)

Not pictured: pencil, duct tape


Before you begin, grab your brush and brush a thin coat of gel matte medium on the front and backsides of your starfish and sand dollars (if they are real). Set them aside to dry. This will help seal them so they don't flake or discolor...or you know, attract critters.

Take one piece of foam and trace your crown shape on the paperback side (I laid out my starfish and loosely traced around them). Cut out your shape, then lay it down on your second piece of foam (glitter sides out) and trace it. Cut out your second piece and set aside.

Cut your ribbons so that you have two sets that when attached to either end of your headdress, will tie in a generous bow at the back of the head (I made mine about 12" each). Stack one set of ribbons and fold over the ends about .5". Staple folded end to the back side of your first cut piece of foam (glitter side out ...obviously!). Make sure staples go all the way through, you can reinforce by stapling from both sides, as you will cover the staples later. Repeat this on the other end of the headdress.

With ribbons attached, take 3 or 4 strands of florist's stem wire and lay at the bottom edge of your crown piece. Neatly tape over them with duct tape and make sure they are secure. Trim the ends so nothing sticks past the sides. You can now bend and shape your headdress to fit your head.

Run a bead of hot glue along the bottom edge of the crown on the backside and affix fancy trim so it sticks out beyond the edge. If you have any other embellishments that will need to be extra secure or stick out from the back, add them now, securing with hot glue and/or duct tape.

Now take your second piece of cut foam, remove the paperback (only from this side), match up to the first side and press them together. For added support you can put some hot glue between them first. If your two foam pieces don't match up exactly, trim them at this point to match.

If you have any further trimmings, hot glue them to the front and edges, running your finger over them so they are smooth.

Shape your headdress into a gentle curve and begin to affix your starfish, shells and sand dollars with hot glue. Embellish and bedazzle to your heart's content and don't forget to glitter!!

Tie it to your pretty head and dance around!

What would you make a headdress for? Do tell!


By Leigh 05.04.2011 – 9:13 pm


Photos and info © 2010Curly Girl Design, Inc./Leigh Standley. all rights reserved.

She’s Crafty! - ‘Delightful Drawers’ Tutorial

She's Crafty

Oh man did this day get away from me! Ah well...the beat goes on...

Awhile back while we were putting together the new showroom my friend Lizzy was helping me with the initial vision for the space given our small budget and small timeline. Usually, between the two of us and a shoestring we can come up with something pretty fun, so after spending the better part of a day (we may have gotten carried away) in the fabric store picking out all sorts of different wacky colors and fabrics to make pillows for the seating area, we wanted to bring that collage-y feel into the rest of the space. Naturally, we spent the other part of the day in IKEA (that's Swedish for budget-friendly heaven) waiting for inspiration to strike.

We needed storage, but it needed to be cute. We found lots of storage, but not a lot of cute. So we decided to make it cute. The result was this delightful set of drawers that ended up being so fun, we took them out of the office and used them as furniture! They take a bit of time, but not much else and the possibilities are endless!

You will need:

1.) Loose craft paper. I ended up using what I could find at Paper Source in a hurry, but this would be really cute with maps, wallpaper, ephemera or even wrapping paper! If you are using scrapbook paper, you will need two sheets per drawer, and some masking or painters tape.

2.) Super 77 Spray Mount. I like this one because it is serious business. It goes on light, and stays put.

3.) Mod Podge. An old friend. I did not use this on the ones pictures, but would recommend a coat to keep the paper from getting too worn.

4.) Scissors

5.) Cute knobs. I used cheap crystal ones from Home Depot, but any drawer pulls will work.

6.)The ALEX or VIKA ALEX drawer unit from IKEA

7.) A drill.

8 & 9.) not pictured: a pencil, brush for the Mod Podge and a ruler.


The first thing you want to do is get your paper figured out. Decide which paper is going on which drawer and lay them out. If you are using scrapbook paper, or pieces, match them up how you want them to look and tape the seams with masking or painters tape (on the front). Set aside.

Open the package of the drawer unit (make sure all of the pieces are there first! so annoying if they are not) and pull out the drawer front pieces.

Match one set of paper up with one drawer front. Take the paper you want to use and turn it over, trace the drawer on the back with a pencil and cut it out. It is important to be very precise in your cutting because you want the fit to be exact.

Lightly spray both the drawer front (make sure you are spraying the right side) and the back of the paper you just cut. Carefully lay the paper on the drawer front so that it matches up. Smooth from the center out. If you have taped the papers together on the front, carefully remove the tape at this time. Repeat this process for all of the drawer fronts.

For protection, brush a light coat of Mod Podge Matte over each drawer front, paying special attention to the edges and watching for bubbles. Let dry.

Assemble the piece of furniture according to the directions. Do not permanently install the drawers on the rails yet.

After your drawers are fully assembled, grab your drill, ruler and pencil. find the middle of the drawer and about an inch down. Drill a hole that will suit whatever drawer pull you have chosen. Attach the pulls as directed.

Install your drawers on their rails and Voila!! You have a unique and totally functional piece of DIY delight!

Have fun!


By Leigh 02.16.2011 – 7:26 pm

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