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Hello and Happy Valentine's Day to you! I hope you are loving yourself and treating those you love to something a little extra special today. I, for one am in the right business to be on team Valentine's day, but even if you roll your eyes at the thought, you have to admit there is something a little bit magic about everyone going a tiny bit out of their way in the heart of winter to let you know they think you're swell.

I think YOU are swell and to prove it I am going to share a little treasure with you. 

Sticks and Stones is a new line of beautiful handcrafted tiny magic things created by my friend and design wunderkind Sarah Foelske. Sarah has worked professionally as a graphic designer since we both left University of Kansas, ahem, some years ago and chances are, you've seen a billboard or a magazine spread that she has been part of. 

Growing up in Boulder, CO, "a little bit hippie", Sarah believes in the healing power of crystals, smudge sticks and spirit animals, but as a world class designer could never get her head right on how these things are packaged. So she set out to change that and to teach us a little about what the Shamans know. 

Sarah has created little energetically aligned collections of talismans, stones, crystals and smudge sticks with hand painted feathers and hand-dipped leather pouches that speak to a little of what we need in our lives. Making a little bit of magic a little more accessible... and pretty to look at too!

The new mamma in me has her eye on "The Protector", but naturally I am drawn to "The Creator" as well... I guess we are never just one thing. 

I found these so lovely and fresh that I just had to share them with you. I hope you love them, and if you do, Sarah has been kind enough to offer you a special coupon code for free shipping (S&S is based in Canada) just enter CURLYGIRLLOVE at checkout. Shipping may take a couple of weeks.

Would love to know what you think! Which one would you choose?


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A room for adventure - Nursery styleboard

Style File and Sketchbook and Inspired

1.)Swinging Stripes Curtains ~ Anthropologie

2.)Baby Giraffe Pring ~ The Animal Print Shop

3.)Pom Pom Pillow and Tassel Pillow Case ~ Anthropologie

4.)Pom Pom Throw ~ Marmalade

5.)Jenny Lind Crib ~ Diapers.com

6.)Stuffed Walrus ~ Cate & Levi

7.)Gold Zebra ~ Near & Deer

8.& 11.) (oops!) Canvas Bushel Basket ~ Steel Canvas Company : Use coupon code CURLY on their site for 10% off of your order!

9.)White Leather Pouf ~ (similar) Land of Nod

10.)Circus Letters ~ Saddle Shoe Signs: Use coupon code CURLY15 on their site for 15% off your order of custom letters!

12.) Thomas Paul Elephant Pillow ~ Houzz

13.) Kaleidescope Rug ~ PBTeen

14.) "Parades" Art Block ~ Curly Girl Design

15.) Flea market dresser that I painted ~ similar here

16.) Knobs ~ Anthropologie

Hello! I figured as it is my first real day back to work, and our first day with our new Nanny I would distract myself from the over-thinking that is inevitable by finally sharing Ruby & Graham's nursery with you! Leaving my babies with someone new for the first time (even though I am working from upstairs right now...ahem, baby steps) is making me not just a little bit sad. It is also not just a little bit wonderful. 

It's both things. I loved being home with my babies every day, but I have been itching to get back to work, bursting with creativity and facing a to-do list for this year that is miles long. Baby steps. Man, that should have been my phrase for the year. 

But speaking of babies... I loved putting this room together for my littles. It is a pretty small room and when we found out we were not having one but two I had to make the most of every square inch. Every little space is an opportunity for storage. Being in a renovated attic space also gave us sloped ceilings and knee-walls which, made decorating with art a challenge. With a girl and a boy, who will share this room until they are 35 (what?) I had to go gender neutral, but that of course does not mean that it has to be yellow or green! Heavens!

I opted for a bright color palete on a very neutral backdrop. I wanted a space that spoke to the adventure I want for them, and the places in the world I hope to see with them. I wanted it to seem eclectic and magical and full of critter friends. That was a tall order for a little room, but I think we did all right.

My mom helped me make, or DIY a bunch of things for this room, we Craigslisted the dresser and repaired and painted it, painted stripes on baskets from Marshalls, made IKEA media cabinets into window seats, sewed crib skirts and made and framed artwork. But I also had so much fun treasure hunting and found some things I am excited to share with you. Some of the makers of these things have even been so nice as to make a special coupon code just for you! So make sure you hop on over to their sites and check them out!

I would love to know what you think!

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‘Dear Santa’ - My Christmas Wish List

Style File

Hello Hello!! Greetings from crazy-ville! This time of year is always total madness and this year is no exception, with the small added detail that we have now added two tiny people to the mix. I love every crazy minute of it though (okay, maybe not EVERY crazy minute but let's say 8 out of 10...) and having the babies has only added to the magic of the season and they don't even know about Santa yet! Twinkle lights all around!

I clearly got the two biggest and best gifts a girl could ask for this year already, but in the interest of putting together a little wish list for family and letting you know what's on my radar I thought I would pop in and post my own. This year is a bit tough because clothing is really not an option as I still don't fit into anything right and I am just feeling like I don't really need much more than time. Time to work out, time to take care of myself, time with family and friends, time with my husband. That is the most expensive thing on my list at the moment. 

There are a few things here that I have wanted for a long time (Prairie Underground Hoodie, Salt Box) a few replacement items (pie weight, lotion, Hunters) and a few things a girl can dream about (Lullie Wallace, jewels, and the time to do just about anything) But here they are in no particular order. 

1.) Bare Escentuals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer this is my daily. I plow through it and can always use more. It is light, and not greasy and I happen to just love all the products that BE makes...this is as excellent as the rest. Also available at Sephora.

2.)Pie Weight Disc from William Sonoma I have been using up our dry rice to par bake piecrusts for way too many years now. I have never liked the idea of pie weights because I just imagine me trying to get them back into a container after using them and dropping them all over the kitchen. The "Three-Stooges" like physical comedy that is sure to ensue is tempting, but I think I would rather not take my chances. Then I found this. Genius. 

3.)Prairie Underground Prairie Hoodie I have wanted one of these for as long as I have known about them but could never justify buying it for myself. It is perfect for my current lifestyle and is a great transition piece as I come out of maternity into mamma-hood. Attention Santa: These are available LOCALLY at Helena's and Nomad I like the grey and the purple-ish colors and need a size L.

4.)Flowers for Amelie by Lullie Wallace I am completely smitten with artist Lullie Wallace's flower paintings. Her grasp on color and texture hits me right where I live and I would love to add this to my collection. My other current faves are the flowers she painted for Patsy & Lola. 

5.)Project Life Kit I have decided that I would like to give Project Life a shot for the kid's first year and this is where I start. Studio Calico has so much fun stuff for this project that it is bound to inspire me to give it a couple of minutes a week! 

6.)ZouZou Drop Earrings from Anthro Jewelry is my sweet spot and I find these statement earrings especially sweet. 

7.)Bee House Salt Box this beautifully designed salt box is also beautifully functional. Friends of ours have one by the stove and I constantly wish I had one by mine. Attention Santa: Also available locally at Black Ink

8.) Hunter Huntress Wellies in High Gloss Red I love my Hunter Classics, but I think it's time I upgraded to red and shiny. Also, if I am being honest, they are feeling a little snug. Not sure if my calves grew or what, but this extended calf style will make sure I am able to get my skinny jeans AND my feet out into the rain. Attention Santa: size 9

9.)Time Hours have become a precious commodity and time for self-care is especially rare. It's the first thing that we get rid of when we have to care for someone else (or a couple of someones) but that is a faulty system. In order to give the best of ourselves, we need to remain our best selves. I would love a couple of hours here and there to work out, do yoga, get a hair cut, think, breathe, you know stuff like that. 

10.) 3 x 4" Card Cutter to help with my Project Life project. And so I can make everything I can get my hands on 3" x 4".

That's it! Well, that, Ryan Gosling and world peace. But you know, baby steps. 

What's on your list??


By Leigh 12.17.2013 – 10:31 am


Ms. Fine’s Finds : Hunker Down

Guest Post and Style File

Earlier this year I brought a few fabulous blogger folks into the mix over here to help bring you some new fun stuff that we thought you would love! As I embark on my maternity leave I will still be blogging here and there, but will fill in with these brilliant ladies and a few fab surprises. Hopefully they will love it so much they will stick around!

Say Hello to Ashley!

A self-proclaimed color lover and a voracious fan of stripes and polka dots, Ashley Fine is a blogger and stylist who delights in the mundane. She's a proud military wife to an Air Force pilot (aka Flyboy). As a result, she's gotten used to packing up her knick-knacks and has rearranging a gallery wall down to an art form. Ashley currently lives in Hawaii with Flyboy and their two hairy hounds. If you're a fan of colorful ballet flats, you appreciate good card stock, or you're down for a fizzy drink (or two), you'll want to stop by her blog: One Fine Day.

1.) Vintage Sweatshirt: I recently bought this, and I'm in love! I realize it's just a sweatshirt, but it's lightweight and has this fabulous worn-in feel. While it can be dressed up and layered, this piece shines when it comes to lounging around.

2.) Paaryna White and Green Cup: Finally, top off your favorite mug with some coffee or tea. Enjoy!

3.) Orange Pom-Pom Throw: On lazy days indoors, why leave the couch? Although, you'll want to make sure you keep an extra blanket (and remote control) within arm's reach.

4.) Dreamy Cotton Pant in Stripe: When I hunker down, comfy cotton pants are a necessity. Elastic waistbands are the norm and a cute pattern print is preferred. How can you beat a trusty stripe?

5.) Cable-Knit Pom-Pom Slippers: A cute and cheap way to keep your feet warm. That's a must!

6.) Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore: Nothing beats cozying up with a great book. I'm eager to read this one next! The adorable book cover may have something to do with that.

7.) Gilded Amberleaf Candle: Too cold to venture outside? You might as well set the scene and create a little ambiance inside! I'm a BIG fan of Illume candles, and I'm currently obsessed with this limited-edition fragrance. It smells like the holiday season.

8.) Essie's Fall Collection: On a relaxing day indoors, you can't go wrong with a little pampering. I typically turn to Essie nail polish for an at-home mani/pedi.

By Leigh 11.19.2013 – 11:23 pm

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Ms. Fine’s Finds : Class in Session

Guest Post and Style File

Earlier this summer I brought a few fabulous blogger folks into the mix over here to help bring you some new fun stuff that we thought you would love! As I embark on my maternity leave I will still be blogging here and there, but will fill in with these brilliant ladies and a few fab surprises. Hopefully they will love it so much they will stick around! 

Say Hello to Ashley!

A self-proclaimed color lover and a voracious fan of stripes and polka dots, Ashley Fine is a blogger and stylist who delights in the mundane. She's a proud military wife to an Air Force pilot (aka Flyboy). As a result, she's gotten used to packing up her knick-knacks and has rearranging a gallery wall down to an art form. Ashley currently lives in Hawaii with Flyboy and their two hairy hounds. If you're a fan of colorful ballet flats, you appreciate good card stock, or you're down for a fizzy drink (or two), you'll want to stop by her blog: One Fine Day.

Class In Session:

Printed Pointy Flats - Leopard print flats are an absolute wardrobe staple. As silly as it sounds, they act as a perfect neutral and add a little flair to any outfit. This pair from Gap is adorable, and the reasonable price point is even more appealing.

Kiss Kiss Notebook - Who needs a reason to buy school supplies? I could see myself jotting down bright ideas in this cute canvas notebook.

Handy Notes - Because I love a good list, it's critical to have a small notepad handy at all times. You never know when inspiration will strike, and this would fit perfectly in my purse!

Polka Dot Pen, Ruler, and Eraser - Office accessories should be fun, and I think these all fit the bill.

Crane Eyeglasses - I not-so-secretly wish I had a reason to wear eyeglasses. Thankfully, I can fake it with a pair of cute spectacles from Warby Parker. I especially adore the classic look of the tortoise angular frames.

French Knot Tippi Sweater - I'm a sucker for polka dots, so when I saw this fabulous sweater from J.Crew I was instantly smitten! While it's a bit hard to think about cooler weather, this textured sweater has got me dreaming about fall. I'm already planning outfits around it!

Yellow Globe - Geography lessons would have been ten times better with this globe. Suddenly I have a vibrant case of wanderlust, and I love it!

Petite Everyday Case - What a great way to store everyday essentials in your purse!

By Leigh 09.18.2013 – 8:04 am


Babies on (Style) Board ~ Craving: Lemonade

Style File

Even though my pregnancy these 35 weeks has been surprisingly free (knock wood) of drama, these babies have not set me free of their food demands. I have not had any strange cravings, no pickles and ice cream or midnight runs for anything (though I have made Coach stop on his way home for things), but I have had very clear hankerings from time to time. 

We are currently going through a 'sugar cereal' phase, which is hilarious because I was never allowed to have it growing up and we almost never have it in the house. I will say I may be a secret convert to Chocolate Cheerios and Peanut Butter Puffins from here on out. Sorry Kashi. 

I decided to do a style board based on my tried and true cravings, the first one being Grasshopper Ice Cream and this one being Lemonade. Actually all things citrus. I cannot get enough lemonade, limeade, grapefruit juicy things. I have never been an orange juice person but now buy it by the carton. It's crazy. Someone told me that the old wives tale is that if you crave milk & milk products you are having a boy, but if you crave citrus you are having a girl. Guess I have my bases covered there....can't say they are wrong.

I decided to focus on lemon for the board, but rest assured, if there is some sort of national shortage on limes and grapefruits, I might be the cause. Apologies.

1.) Fresh Lemon Sugar Products ~ Fresh If I could be sponsored by something I would choose Fresh Lemon Sugar products. I think I have a tiny perfume in every bag and can't get enough of the lotion and soap. In fact, there may be a bar of this soap in my closet and all my drawers because I just want EVERYTHING to smell like this. I wish they made laundry detergent. This will be on every wish list I ever make.

2.)Toujours Heureuse Ensemble Necklace ~ Elva Fields I think I could be "always happy together" with this gorgeous piece from Elva Fields. I would be willing to bet on it in fact.

3.)Mason Jar Lemonade Dispenser ~ Classic Hostess This has been a very versatile and useful treasure in our kitchen, and since my love for sparkly citrusy bevs has skyrocketed this summer, it's nice to make them in bulk. It's always a party around here.

4.)Samantha Knapp Stripe Loveseat ~ Gilt This wasn't really in the budge for the nursery, nor did we actually have room for it, but in my mind, I spend a lot of time on this gorgeous, happy, gender-neutral beauty from Samantha Knapp. If you get one, will you invite me over? 

5.) Yellow Batchel ~ Cambridge Satchel Company I just love the straightforwardness of this bag and then the whimsy of the yellow color. There are many, ahem, versions, of this bag, but these guys are the original. Go ahead, get your initials on it...live right on the edge. 

6.) Oversized Wall Calendar ~ 1Canoe2 This lovely is from my friends over at 1Canoe2 who just keep cranking out amazing. This huge calendar is such a nice change from the ordinary and the illustrations are, well, juicy. 

7.) Lemon Yogurt ~ Jeni's Ok, I changed my mind. If I were going to be sponsored by something it would be Jeni's Ice Cream. For a while, Jeni's home, Columbus, OH was hoarding some of the worlds most delicious ice creams, but not anymore! Not only is the company expanding to other locations (ahem, BOSTON PLEASE!) but you can now dangerously  conveniently order pints online and have them delivered to your door. I may have done this once or twice this summer. I may have not regretted it either. 

8.)Jeweled Ballet Flats ~ Anthropologie They had me at 'jeweled' and then brought it home with the yellow color and the (gasp!) sale price! If only my swollen feet could wear anything but flip-flops right now! I will have to live beautifully and vicariously through you. 

By Leigh 08.28.2013 – 11:09 am


Ms. Fine’s Finds : Summer Essentials

Guest Post and Style File

I am always on the lookout for fantastic people, places and things to share with you and in my travels and my day to day I come across a lot! “Ooooh! Sparkly things!....” Sound familiar? Yeah.
So, when I decided to bring on a couple more guest bloggers to share their bright and shiny corners of the world with you I had my work cut out for me.
My goal is to highlight lovely things that have “Curly Girl” written all over them. Delights of design, decoration, story telling, and just plain things and people we love!
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and welcome them here with open arms.

Without further ado, I would love to introduce you to Ms. Ashley Fine. Many of you may be familiar with her fabulous blog. If you are not already making regular stops there...put it on your list! I have been a fan of Ashley’s style and colorful life for a couple of years now and have finally invited her here to share it with you. She has graciously obliged. Ashley has her finger on the pop-of-color-pulse in an effortlessly effervescent way that feels like a perfectly mixed cocktail on a perfectly warm evening. She will be bringing us a few of her favorites each month and I can’t wait!


Say Hello to Ashley!

A self-proclaimed color lover and a voracious fan of stripes and polka dots, Ashley Fine is a blogger and stylist who delights in the mundane. She's a proud military wife to an Air Force pilot (aka Flyboy). As a result, she's gotten used to packing up her knick-knacks and has rearranging a gallery wall down to an art form. Ashley currently lives in Hawaii with Flyboy and their two hairy hounds. If you're a fan of colorful ballet flats, you appreciate good card stock, or you're down for a fizzy drink (or two), you'll want to stop by her blog: One Fine Day.

My Summer Essentials:   

Chino Shorts: These are my absolute favorite shorts! They're just the right length, and they can be dressed up or kept casual. J.Crew's selection of colors is fabulous. You can bet the chrome green and bright indigo will be in rotation all summer long.

Striped Persephone Tank: I can't wait to get my hands on this classic top with a modern twist. The stripes paired with the punchy color combination equals summertime perfection.

Silk Satin Ankle Strap Sandals: An affordable and fun pair of sandals that add a pop of color to any ensemble. Sign me up!

Charmed Pouch: I'm a sucker for accessories and this pouch is an absolute bargain. It's one of those pieces that could double as a clutch or tossed in your beach bag or purse. As if the patterned pouch couldn't get any cuter, it's adorned with a festive heart keychain and pom-poms. Precious!

Beach Radio: Whether you plan on frequenting the pool or beach, this colorful and handy radio is essential. I can't get enough of the color selections, the unbeatable price, and the retro look.

Lobster Bottle Opener: The cutest and most festive way to crack open a cold one this summer. I'm smitten!

By Leigh 06.25.2013 – 10:35 am


Baby on (Style) Board - Craving: Mint

Style File

Oh my gosh! It has been ages since I put together a style board for you guys! Though, I am sure you have done just fine without me, I love them and hope you find them inspiring. This little bundle of joy I'm carrying around has had his/her way with my appetite during the past 19 weeks, with more than a few cravings. I thought I would base a couple of this season's Style Boards on these gestational demands... I will, however, spare you a 'chicken fingers' inspired collection. It's so last season.

Baby wants: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream! Grasshopper Ice Cream to be more specific. The kind with Oreos in it too. Oh HEAVEN! To be fair, I have always liked mint and chocolate together, but I have never in my life actually gotten in my car, in my pajamas after ten at night to go hunt for some. Fortunately, there is a local ice cream shop that makes absolutely the best Grasshopper and if I walk there and back, I don't feel so bad about the whole thing. Actually, I really don't feel bad about it at all. Is that wrong?

Mint is also a delicious color and is out there in just about every adorable way to add to your life. Here are some of my favorite finds:

1.) Mint Baubles - Marmalade (617-484-0093)* This statement necklace is all you need to get your summer started off right! Top off a simple tee or a party dress with this fresh strand of sparkle and you are good to go!

2.)Jukebox Lip Salve - Anthropologie handy to have in every bag, this lip salve softens lips and keeps you minty fresh. Great packaging doesn't hurt either!

3.)Lace Yolk Tee - Anthropologie this gorgeous and simple top is the perfect length to pair with those skinny white pants that are sneaking back into your wardrobe. It is slightly over-sized, but totally flattering and super comfortable. It comes in several colors....because you won't want just one.

4.) Hobnail glass candle - Marmalade (617-484-0093)* These refreshingly gorgeous hobnail glass candles are on our "best gifts" list at Marmalade. We can't get enough of them (or keep them in stock!) and they make the perfect Mother's Day gift! When the candle is gone, the glass makes a lovely vase. Score!

5.) Grasshopper Ice Cream - Moozy's, Belmont, MA Just in case you were local, and wanted to see for yourself. You will have to get in line though....

6.) Mint Resin Watch - Marmalade (617-484-0093)* These darling watches come in loads of colors, but the mint is by far the most popular, and freshest looking! Stretches to slip on so is perfect for everybody. Stack them up!

7.) Moxi Lolly Roller Skates - Urban Outfitters Oh to live on streets without potholes! These amazingly adorable retro rollers are making a comeback and I don't know about you, but I will take my comeback in mint green please.

8.) Cotton Stripe Scarf - Terrain My birthday is right around the corner and I think this is going on the list. I mean, stripes plus color plus cotton? Adds up to happiness in my book!

9.) Joy and Merri-mint Flats - Modcloth I can't think of a single reason not to have these. Not one.

10.) Mint Julep - Recipe here or for a bee-utiful twist on it, here. Derby is almost here and though I will not be enjoying one this year...y'all should! Cold cup, Crushed Ice. Big hat.

11.)Mint-colored paper straws - Backtozero on Etsy While you're at it... stick one of these little darlings in your julep and sip away!

12.)Mint Candy Apple - Essie at Target Can't get enough of this craving? Try it on your fingers and toes!

13.)Heartfelt Moment Blouse - Ruche This is a very lady-like answer to my minty craving. A subtle pattern and a dotty tie make this as playful as it is pretty.


What are your favorites? Any cravings of your own?


* Those of you wondering and waiting for a Marmalade website..the wait will be over this summer! Expect glorious things!

By Leigh 05.01.2013 – 3:27 pm

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Holiday Gift Guide

Style File

Hello Lovelies! I hope that your week has been filled with festive things! Mostly I hope you have been hugging your nearest and dearest a little tighter and saying your "I love you's". For those of you who are finishing out a full week of work (teachers...that's you! Friday is tough, but hopefully you have a good break ahead!) hang in there! and may your elves work extra hard with you this weekend!

I absolutely love gift giving. It is really one of the joys of my life. I think it's what makes me a good retail buyer, I truly love finding things that will delight. I like matching people and personalities with thoughtful treasures that will make them feel special. One can never underestimate the power of making an effort to make someone feel loved and 'seen'. It's a magic thing.

This gift-guide was inspired by my cousin-in-law Amy who is lives in Manhattan and is the definition of fabulous. She is sparkly and glamorous and a little bit edgy, and she has a closet full of shoes to make Carrie Bradshaw swoon (the closet and the shoes!) She has places to go and people to see and always does it in beautiful mega-watt style.

Somehow, I still like her.

This gift guide is for your glam-girl. The girl that can always pull it off...heck, she probably invented it.

1.) Diptyque Mimosa Candle ~ Liberty Simply one of the most refined collections of scented candles in existence, Diptyque will have her feeling fancy in no time.

2.) Melinda Maria Rose Ring ~ Marmalade (call: 617-484-0093) This beautiful plated 22K gold ring is like wearing the night sky on your finger. It is delicate enough to be 'pretty' but big enough to let her know you mean business! A total stunner.

3.) Croc Leather Tote ~ Topshop Someone might want to be there to catch her when she swoons over this oversized real-leather bag with an ever-chic crocodile pattern. Big enough to carry just about everything this is perfect for everyday or a carry-on!

4.) Sequin Crop Cardigan ~ American Eagle My motto is: "when in doubt, err on the side of sequins." I don't thing you can go wrong... ok, I'm sure you can go wrong somewhere....but for the most part, the more sparkle, the better. This cute cardigan is no exception. Perfect for over a LBD or with jeans. Something sequined is a staple in every wardrobe.

5.) Retro Disco Cowgirl Necklace by Frieda and Nellie ~ Charm & Chain Using vintage rhinestones (sidebar: if I were a country singer, that would be the name of my greatest hits album: vintage rhinestones) and embroidered folk ribbon Frieda and Nellie have created a striking combo that looks one-of-a-kind. This is where bold meets beautiful. Plus, who can walk away from something called the "Retro Disco Cowgirl Necklace"??

6.) DKNY Sparkle Strap Watch ~ Nordstrom What I said about sequins (see above) ... that goes for glitter too. This sparkly little number is on my personal wish list this year. I think it will be a fabulous guest at an arm party! Got a girl who's got everything? Bet she doesn't have one of these!

7.) Gold Dot Pillow ~ Caitlin Wilson Textiles  A little pop of gold never did anyone anything but a little bit of good! Never mind gold polka dots!! This is the perfect party hat for any little spot in her house!

8.) Sofia Prosecco Minis ~ Coppola Vineyards Probably one of my very favorite inventions of the last 10 years (I mean, the smart phone is okay.....) these personal proseccos in their pretty pink pop-tops are positively perfection! I can think of no fridge in glamourville that should not have some of these at the ready!

9.)Studded Biker Ankle Boot ~ Zara  Sometimes a girl just needs a few good studs. These studded ankle boots are something of an unexpected choice coming from me, as they are undoubtedly edgy...but man to they kick a**!!! I love them with skinny jeans and a blazer....add a softening scarf and she is smack dab in the center of glam.

10.) Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Colour in Paradis ~ Chanel I'm not sure this needs any explanation... stick it in her stocking, stand back and enjoy!

11.) Cashmere Leopard Print Scarf ~ Bluefly Cashmere + Leopard Print = Glam. This Cashmere scarf is the perfect topper for our glamour girl. Super, soft and fabulous!


Got any favorites? Who's on your list this year!?


By Leigh 12.19.2012 – 10:05 am


Holiday Gift Guide

Style File

Hello! Just about a week until Christmas and I thought I would put together a little help for last-minute Santas!

There is nothing better than being cozy this time of year. Maybe it's a New England thing but don't even think about showing me your resort collection until well into February! I seem to want everything I touch to be flannel or lined with fleece or shearling. Seriously, if they made underpants lined with shearling I might consider them! I love layers and layers of cozy and in my opinion, the more, the cozier!

Here are some of my cozy favorites, perfect gifts for the girl on your list who's favorite knit is cable, loves a mug in her hand, a flake on her cheek and a scarf 'round her neck!

1.) Cole Haan Sadie Shearling-lined Drivers ~ Zappos I have nothing against Uggs, they are great for running to the post office or, you know, after a long morning of surfing.... but I am longing for something more refined. (Don't even get me started on leggings-as-pants) I am, however, unwilling to let go of the splendor and comfort that comes with a full (real) shearling lining. Enter this loafer. The comfort of a slipper with the refinement (and sole) of a loafer. The fact that it comes in fun colors is just a bonus.

2.) Meadowlark Knitted Cap ~ Sundance Oh how I love this hat!! Warm plus super cute? And flattering to boot!? I wonder if Santa takes rush orders??

3.)Cable Knit Sweater ~ H&M A cream colored cable knit is an absolute staple in a cozy winter wardrobe. Make it slightly over-sized (or better yet, his) and we are in business. It is even acceptable to wear leggings-as-pants (provided your hind quarters are covered) with this lovely...add your favorite tall boots and the biggest scarf you can find and head off for hot chocolate!

4.)Vintage Sweater Tall Socks ~ Free People Add a layer of cozy under your favorite tall boots with these knit tall socks. Perfect stockings for her stocking!

5.) Boot Tights ~ Sahalie These boot tights are probably the coolest product I have seen this year! Such a need-filler (useful!) and a total cozy-qualifier! Opaque tights with actual socks built right in! No more tights plus socks with your boots! These also come with short socks and in other styles and colors. Genius!

6.)Fleece Lined Crocheted Fingerless Gloves ~ Marmalade (call: 617-484-0093) These are my favorite winter accessory hands down (no pun intended). I have several pair and can never decide which color I think is cutest! They are lined with fleece for cozy warmth and leave your fingers free so you can still use your smart phone or type when you wear them inside... (what? they are that cute!)

7.) LeCreuset Enameled Dutch Oven ~ Le Creuset This might be the thing I use most often in my kitchen next to forks. It is heavy, sturdy, and she will have it forever. Great for everything from soups to casseroles to roasts and goes from the stovetop to the oven and (at our house) right into the fridge! She will love it ...and hopefully make you something delicious!

8.) Hand Painted Polka Dot Mug ~ Marmalade (call: 617-484-0093) Speaking of hot chocolate! What cuter way to wrap your hands around it then in this polka dot mug!

9.) White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap ~ White + Warren This might be on every gift guide I ever do, ever. Simply the best, coziest, largest, softest, loveliest most delightful thing ever. I wish I still had mine. Sadly, someone in the security line at SFO now does. Tear. If she travels it is a must, but even if she stays more local it is the perfect thing to keep her safe and warm.

10.) Tweed Boots ~ Joules A cute addition to her winter wardrobe, these cozy tweed boots are a little bit cuter than the rest of the lace-ups in their class. With a woodsy plaid and a faux fur lining for extra warmth they are a perfect fit!

11.) Camden Tote ~ Madewell This calf-hair tote is perfectly chic and cozy! It is large enough to fit all of her essentials and that extra book to read at the cafe. With an optional shoulder strap and super cute patterns this a winner under the tree!

Love it? Have any favorites?


By Leigh 12.17.2012 – 11:58 am

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