A little advent project


I have been meaning to do this little make over for a few years. Life got in the way and somehow crafty side projects slide to the bottom of my list quite frequently so it sat in my closet waiting to be given new life. It waited and waited until my friends and I did […]

Holiday House Warming & Yankee Magazine

Yankee Magazine features my holiday house in this month's magazine!

About this time last year I had 8 week old twins, no clothes that fit and was scrambling to get my house ready for a photo shoot with Yankee Magazine. There was crap everywhere, I still couldn’t carry heavy things without peeing my pants, I was majorly sleep deprived and wondering what former version of […]

A little holiday spirit.


Ok, not to rush things, but the season IS upon us and as a former Ad-woman this had me virtually high-fiving an art director somewhere out there and actually, really set a tone for me for this season. And now you are crying at your desk. My work here is done. Now get out there […]

A little magic

Hello and Happy Valentine's Day to you! I hope you are loving yourself and treating those you love to something a little extra special today. I, for one am in the right business to be on team Valentine's day, but even if you roll your eyes at the thought, you have to admit there is […]

A room for adventure – Nursery styleboard

1.)Swinging Stripes Curtains ~ Anthropologie 2.)Baby Giraffe Pring ~ The Animal Print Shop 3.)Pom Pom Pillow and Tassel Pillow Case ~ Anthropologie 4.)Pom Pom Throw ~ Marmalade 5.)Jenny Lind Crib ~ Diapers.com 6.)Stuffed Walrus ~ Cate & Levi 7.)Gold Zebra ~ Near & Deer 8.& 11.) (oops!) Canvas Bushel Basket ~ Steel Canvas Company : […]

Passion Project

I believe in balance. Hard core. I believe that if you start to unravel any issue you are dealing with big or small, balance will be right there waiting for you among the possible solutions. I believe what goes around comes around, both in a real-life-everyday way and in a great-big-cosmic-soul-level way.  That is why […]

Opening Day Inspiration

Photo from “A League of Their Own” Courtesy of Sony Today is opening day at Fenway Park. It is going to be 66 degrees and sunny and I think it is fair to say that spring has officially arrived! Thank all that is good and holy! I love baseball. I am not a rabid fan […]

January 2013 Sneak Peek #2

Happy Friday to you! I wanted to share another addition to the January 2013 release. When I was in college, the design program I was in was really intense. It was a rigorous first year and a half of 'bootcamp' like basics classes that all led up to a 'review' process. The 'review' was a […]