Food for thought.

photo from Yesterday, while driving I heard a story on NPR that made me sit in my car well after I had arrived at my destination to finish it. I know you have done something like this. I see people sitting in their cars all the time, seeming distantly engaged in something, maybe laughing […]

Perfect Harmony

Erato as found on YouTube Good morning! I am working on getting our _sparkle images up, but I wanted to share this with you. Melissa turned me onto this little gem a couple of days ago and I CANNOT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD! I love perfect vocal harmony like ants love a picnic […]

Small Victories

Photos © 2011 Curly Girl Design, Inc./Leigh Standley. all rights reserved. I promise not to thrill you with all of my tiny novice-gardener accomplishments, but I do believe that life is often made up of a million tiny moments/miracles/victories that deserve to be observed from time to time. I HAVE MY FIRST ROSE!!! The 5 […]

Sweet Victory! Sweet Treats!

I went to sleep last night with a smile on my face the size of the Stanley Cup. Congratulations to the Boston Bruins (and their dedicated fans!) for the first Championship win in 39 years!! To celebrate our local big-little bakery and treat company Dancing Deer is selling these adorable (and quite clever) hockey puck […]

It takes a village. (The hair post)

Me, at 5 – photo by my mom I suppose I asked for it. You don't name a company “Curly Girl Design” and not get calls asking if you make or sell shampoo. If I had a dollar for every time…   I don't mind really. The curly-headed are a special breed. We are almost […]

An open letter to my conditioner…

Dear Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Conditioner, I would like to take a moment to thank you for existing. You have become my one indispensible beauty aid, and I simply cannot bear to imagine my head of curls without you. I miss you between washes. Most days, when I have not used you, I wear […]

Important Discovery

I have made an important late-night cookie binge ground-breaking discovery!! Having had no Girl Scouts in my immediate circle for some time now, I had all but lost touch with the magical perfection that is the Thin Mint. Until tonight, when after a successful raid of Coach's Easter basket I discovered, and subsequently enjoyed the […]

Tip of the class

As part of my whirlwind trip of delight to Columbus, OH this past weekend the lovely Sarah, from Helen Winnemore's took me here for breakfast before my flight left. It was after ordering one of the most divine egg dishes I would ever have and gift wrapping enough colorful (and delicious) French Macarons to make […]