Sunday Surfing – Pertinent Poetry

I have been listening to TedTalks on Podcast during my morning walks with Lucy and have found many of them greatly inspiring. If you are unfamiliar with the TED conference you can learn more about it here. Most of the lectures and talks that are presented there can be found on YouTube or on Podcasts […]

Sunday Surfing -pretty. clever.

beet cake from tiger in a jar on Vimeo. Hiya! Just back from my fun fun day at Scatter Joy and will gather myself and post about that soon! Found this little ditty over at Making it Lovely and was quite taken with it. Thought you might like it to. Don't you want to go […]

Sunday Surfing -Last Minute Love

Photo from BenignObjects on Etsy I was just catching up on my Google reader and checking out everyone's DIY Valentine's ideas when I stumbled on this at Joy Ever After. We have all made coupon books over the years (particularly when we were really really poor starving artist types and didn't have much to give […]