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For awhile now, my friend Lacy and I have been chatting on the topic of “happiness”. What is it? Where does it come from? How do we get more of it? What makes us really happy? What makes one person a “happy person” and another not? The questions are endless, but the research, it turns out, is fun! We have in no way become experts, but have learned one thing: Happiness is, among other things, a practice. So like anything else we want to do better, we must make it a habit.
Lacy has been 'practicing' for a long time now, and I feel she has alot to share on the topic. So when I decided to start this blog, I asked her if she would do regular guest-posts to talk about it. I plan to make a habit of reading them. xoxo, Leigh


Hello!  It’s Lacy with Habits of Happiness.  The spirit of Leigh’s work is to live imperfectly with great delight.  I’ve always loved that the words ‘living imperfectly’ sums it up so perfectly.  That’s part of her magic, that uncanny ability to capture our internal knowing and put words to things we previously only felt.  Happiness has a big beautiful chapter in the living imperfectly with great delight manual.  Through this series we will explore all things happiness… how we find it, get it, keep it, and nurture it.     

Happiness is defined as a state of well-being and contentment.  Like most things that are worth having in life it’s less about arriving and more about a daily practice to be nurtured over time.  I assure you this is by no means some esoteric exploration into the psyche though I hope you’ll be changed in the best of ways by reading and exploring with me.  Sometimes it will be as easy as: 1. What makes you happy?  2. Do more of that! 

This time of year for me is always about organizing and decluttering.  It’s getting colder, we are spending more time indoors and that always takes me right to my drawers, closets and the nooks and crannies that piled up over summer.  Cleaning out can add to your happiness in many ways…1.  The practice of simplifying is always a boost.  2. Donating things you no longer need provides a sense of satisfaction that you’ve helped someone else. 3. Getting things out of the way literally can clear the much needed mental space to be able to sit, relax, meditate and enjoy life!

This week I consolidated all the bobbles and embellishments from ALL over my studio into two small printer trays!  I went from 4 locations and just over 20 containers to two trays, stacked in one location!  That folks makes me very happy.     

Happiness is an outlook on life.  It is absolutely in the details, it’s the cream filling, the good stuff!  Start small this week.  Pick one drawer or one stack of paper and conquer it! 

Here’s to forming some lovely Habits of Happiness together. Go declutter, donate and organize something!

What are your HOH? We would love to hear!


Lacy Young is a professional happy person. You can find out more about her on her blog.


  1. says

    Love it!!! Lacy is such a gem!
    I have sooo much clutter to get rid of! I totally believe that our surroundings reflect what’s going on with us. I notice that when I’m down or depressed, things just pile up and stay that way. I need to get busy! 😉
    Cheers to happiness!!!!

  2. Kristin says

    LACY!  You are too funny my dear!  I am in the midst of decluttering my life at the moment too.  It all started with my husband’s grandfather passing away and realizing how much “stuff” he had accumulated over the years.  I immediately wanted to get rid of all the random stuff in my house!  I have started but haven’t made it as far as I would have liked.  I love your idea about taking doing one drawer a day.  I can wrap my head around that.

    I love that you are a professionally happy person.  🙂

  3. Mary says

    I completely agree!  De-cluttering always makes me feel like I’m getting a small piece of myself back.  Lacy is a doll! 

    Thank you for the reminder, Lacy!

  4. says

    Such good advice!  I try to sort my clothes when I change the seasons of my closet (in my dream world, my closet will be big enough to house all seasons, but alas it’s a dream!) for donating.  My rule is if I didn’t wear it since it came out of storage, it doesn’t go back in.  I feel better as a result. 

    Leigh – I was introduced to your blog and products by Lacy and I love them all (the blog, products and Lacy!).  Thanks for brightening the world with your creative endeavors.

  5. says

    Wonderful advice!  I often go in decluttering frenzies and reorganize the whole house – only to let it accumulate junk for another couple of years before starting the whole process over again.  I want to be better about taking it one step at a time every day.  Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Katy says

    Great points, Lacy.  Decluttering/organizing/throwing junk out ALWAYS elevates my mood immediately.  Nothing has quite such a negative effect on my happiness level as feeling like I’m being suffocated by my “things!”

  7. says

    Love you Lacy!  I definitely agree about getting rid of stuff and decluttering!  It feels so good to purge the house of that stuff you just don’t need!  I have several areas right now that are in desperate need and I am trying to fit that in with my Christmas projects 🙂

  8. Leisa says

    My favorite thing to organize these days is my schoolwork and my thoughts. My notebooks have all the best organizing tools. Once I have all my papers neat and tidy I am ready to get my thoughts straight and really study. That is my habit of happiness.

    Learning makes me very happy!!!

  9. says

    As someone who has 98% of her stuff in storage right and is living in a 650 sq. ft. fully-furnished condo, I can tell you it feels INCREDIBLE to be FREE of STUFF!  I was just telling Brian last night that aside from my photo albums (and a few choice soft blankets, cute coats, and pieces of art) I don’t know if I’d miss any of it.  We’ll see if I still feel that way when I get back from Spain and all I’m wanting is a place to call my own with MY STUFF!

    You’re wonderful Lace!  I love that you’re a professional happy person.  🙂

  10. says

    Giving Happiness-
    This year my extended family has decided together that instead of buying for each other as we normally do, we will be donating to charities or buying products that support charities (like the jewelry made by Thai women who have been pulled from the sex-trade and given honest work—check out NightLightInternational.org!)
    Every Christmas we get so wrapped up in our “stuff”. Getting stuff, giving stuff, cooking stuff, making stuff, accumulating more and more stuff…it makes us happy for the season, sure, but is it bringing us lasting happiness? How about giving a family food for a year, a water well or new shoes for their children (Try Compassion International or Heifer.org) As a mother, I can’t imagine not being able to provide my babies with food or clothing.  It is heart wrenching and knowing I can help, I can GIVE happiness -well, that just makes me happy.
    Love you , Lacy girl. Keep spreading your joy:)

  11. Willa says

    Thank you for Habits of Happiness!!  You are always helping women make their life healthy, happy and creative.  I am off to declutter a three car garage…a little each day. Keep inspiring, it’s what you do best!

  12. says

    Practicing yoga every. single. day.  Clearing my mind, detoxifying my body, and embracing my spirit!  Have any of you read “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin?  Looks like it lines up with this post perfectly!

  13. says

    Thank you for this post! I look forward to more Habits of Happiness! I am suffocating in my stuff and long to get my studio organized, “find” my sewing machine and an open work space so I can work when a project moves me. I will try to work through it. Thank you for the inspiration. Sometimes I wish the decluttering fairy could come in and help me. :/ But alas, I must do it myself.  Thanks!

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