2013 Sneak Peek

Hi all! I wanted to thank you for all of your recent feedback on our new little sub-line “Just Our Type”. Many of you loved it, and for some of you, it was not up your alley. I knew that would be the case, and I am glad you were so forthcoming an honest with your feedback. Except for the woman that used the word “hate” in her comment, I wish she had come up with a more eloquent way to be honest. But, hey, if I were a delicate flower I wouldn't be in this business.

The main purpose of this new line is to reach a new audience and broaden the use of my words and art, so in a way, introducing it first to a group who is loyal (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that…it made all warm and fuzzy inside to hear how much you love CGD originals) to an existing style is a moot point. But I wanted to see what you thought, because you are my people. And we always want to share our best stuff with our people. So thank you! I will take your suggestions seriously, and will see what we can do in the way of pricing etc.

It is in this same spirit that I bring you the other part of 2013's Just Our Type release. The chalkboard series is near and dear to my heart because it really had me flexing my typography muscles! Inspired by the recent trend of chalkboard art and the sheer temporary-ness of it all, I hand drew each of these on little chalkboards.

I loved the idea of making something temporary and turning it into something more permanent. Also, love the application of these as greeting cards and wall art. We will be making them available as both (probably frameable posters at first). I, personally, can't wait to put one up in my house! And, that is actually rare for me to want to put my own work up in my home.

There will be 12 total to begin with, and they will release in January 2013. Just to be clear, these are in no way replacing a new release of classic Curly Girl…I begin 6 new Curly Girl designs here in a couple of days…so there will be LOTS more fun stuff coming. I just wanted to share this new little venture with you. Hopefully you will love it, and find a way to share it with some folks you love! Thanks again for being out there!

I'd love to know what you think!



  1. Bev says

    Delightful!! Posters should sell like hotcakes. Can’t wait to see the rest of the line. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  2. Katie says

    Leigh- I love these!!  Your work is so fun and inspiring!  Keep it up girl!!  I can’t wait to hang one of these in my house too. 🙂

  3. says

    WOW!  These are so amazing!  I haven’t seen anything else like this out there.  You are creative and have a good sense of what your fans want.  Go with your gut, you’ll do great.

  4. says

    I really think you have a winner in these! I love the look of them & I want to put them up in my house too!! They would make awesome wall art! : )

  5. says

    these are awesome and can’t wait to order!  Perfect addition to your creative line and really shows that you are a leader in graphic design and illustration!  love it!

  6. Katie says

    These chalkboards ring my bells!  Personally, these “speak” to me far more than the cards on your previous post.  They are very appealing to me because of the suggested movement and dimension of the text—they are musical.  Love them.

  7. Whitney says

    I absolutely adore these! I have the “Packed up her potential” canvas in my law office, and wanted Curly Girl in my kitchen, but the colors just don’t quite work. These will be PERFECT. Absolutely adore your work!

  8. Audry says

    Just darling! 🙂 looking forward to enjoying your continual creativity in the months ahead. Keep it up!

  9. Jacqui says

    I love them – and I think your art is half about the visual expression and half about the thought being expressed, so these are very much Curly Girl designs 🙂

  10. Stacie says

    LOVE THESE! The type is the art and the “you” is present even though its different than your other work. Awesome! Fun! Love the smudge too…real chalk all the way! 🙂

  11. Dee Thomas says

    I Love these a million x more! You feel more emotion with theses! Great job Leah…..thanks allowing us to give you the artist our feedback!

  12. Kim says

    These are so fun! Love them and excited to hear you are flexing creative muscles in a way that excites you!

  13. says

    Was just in MO and found your blog. I LOVE your work… it inspires me. I have a special wall with art on it in my media room, and these chalkboards will work beautifully. Thank you for what you do. You make me smile.

  14. Kristen says

    These definitely speak to me as the chalkboard design rather than the first time you showed the Just My Type.  I like them both, but honestly the chalkboard is so much fun and can work in any format, especially if we are framing these and gifting them or hanging in our own home.  Still love the original but can’t wait to have some of these.  Especially too since not all the graphics fit our situation the way the quote does.

  15. Kathryn says

    Perfect! Well done! These will be perfect for guys (men) who want a smart graphic for their space. Yeah for Curly Girl for offering them a chance to express themselves too. I can see this collection in living spaces everywhere!

  16. heidifay says

    aha! I loved the other ones, but I LOVE these best of all! Absolutely the best thing I’ve seen all day (or at least tied with Sunday morning brunch…)


  17. Dee Lockwood-Hicks says

    LOVE!  These I love!  I hope I didn’t say I hated the last batch but this is an original idea and very good looking.  These I will happily stock.

  18. robin mackenzie says

    Leigh, my typographer’s heart is leaping at these hip, inspirational beauties! I had a neutral reaction to the other line of newbies because they didn’t have as much of your amazing visual choreography in them…these are divine, and so you! Leap, leap…you are a goddess!

  19. Rebecca Walker says

    I have to be honest and admit that the whimsical, colorful artwork of the originals is what really initially drew me in to the words, so I’m glad that it won’t be going away entirely. That said, the chalkboard design is clever and playful and definitely has potential to entice a whole new demographic to enjoy your wonderful “captured thoughts.” ONWARD HO!

  20. Debbie Miller says

    Leigh, LOVE the chalkboard art! It was so great to see you in Ft. Myers @ Lulu’s! Laura Jane did a great job showcasing all of your great artwork& you were a joy to talk to! hope you got to enjoy the much warmer day on Friday before having to fly out, come back soon!
    Love all of my purchases, made even more special since they were signed by you!  glad you liked my poster in the antique frame!
    have loved your work since the very first time I saw it!
    Debbie 🙂

  21. Jenna says

    Leigh, I love the chalkboard art.  Very cool.  With the addition of the black and white neutral theme, I’d love to see a slight tweak on some of the phrases to make them more gender neutral.  My husband knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE CGD, but it is too girly for him.  This line helps bring your words into my home.  I can’t wait to share them even more!

  22. Debbie says

    I just love these chalkboard designs. I commented on the other cards and told you to rethink them. These are exactly perfect!! You had these up your sleeve all along???!!! I’d buy these any day….love!

  23. Annette Kuusinen says

    I realize this is a bit late. BUT I just had to tell you how much I love these! I’ve been a fan for years and cannot to put at least one up in my home.

  24. Lisa Frank says

    I LOVE these new chalkboard art-inspired prints!  I’m especially in love with the cape + tiara quote and I’d love to buy a large poster of it for the dessert table background at my daughter’s superhero birthday party…but I can’t find that print/poster offered anywhere in your shop.  Could you help me find where to buy it, pretty please??  🙂

    Lisa Frank

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