January 2013 Sneak Peek #3

Have you ever pressed up against a deadline so closely that you could see your breath fogging up the glass? That is becoming familiar territory for me. I just put a bow on our January 2013 introduction and the catalog has to go to print today!! I am feeling a little worn down with this and the season at Marmalade (we had a Midnight Madness event last night. Til, you guessed it….midnight!) so might have a nap in my future, but I wanted to share the next few cards with you.

I love this image and think it is going to look smashing as a canvas. This one speaks for itself, I believe it to be true.

I feel like the idea of 'living your dream” is a tad out of control in our society today. Perhaps rather…out of context.

Now, you know me, I am no dream crusher! I love dreams… I have them all the time! Sometimes several times a day! But I think the trouble is when we expect them to happen. We are entitled to do the dreaming, not to have them come true…that part is up to us. And dreams are hard work….and risk and trust and failure and try agains…and failure…and try agains. It's big stuff. In fact, the bigger and more personal they are, the harder they get. But the more magnificent also.

So, this lovely little reality check is brought to you today by Curly Girl Design and the road less traveled. Get on out there!


Let me know what you think!



  1. says

    Love it!  Charming and inspirational as always.  I’m thrilled to my socks to meet you tomorrow at the Artisan’s event in NH.

  2. says

    Very well said! Not only do you have to dream BIG dreams, you must take the action to make them happen. Otherwise, your dream will always be just that…a dream!

  3. Sherrie says

    I love, love, love, love, LOVE your creations.  It’s like you read my mind and then create something amazing from my scattered thoughts.  I stumbled upon your site quite by accident—I googled “curly girl” looking for hair tips—you see I too am a curly haired girl (and red to boot… anyhoo I’ve found so many cute creations that speak to me (not literally, because that’d be weird and might mean that some sort of intervention was necessary).  I hope that one of these days you attend an invent in or near where I hang my heels.

    You are fabulous!

  4. Sarah says

    I discovered this year, that living my dream depends entirely on whether or not I am willing to take the risk of doing what needs to be done to get there. I also believe living our dream doesn’t have to be something wild and crazy, flashy or brilliant. I went through this elaborate writing exercise to help me determine what my dream was, and when finally boiled back down, I realized I was already living my dream, with one exception but I’m actively working on that one. My dream is to live without fear, with as few things as possible (for me), with my loving husband, and our dog, and finally, use my skills as a life coach helping others find their dream. There is nothing else I need. Everything else is adiaphora. I really appreciate all the thought and conversation that obviously goes into your designs. They inspire me and so many others. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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