2020 Gift Guide – Shop Small. Give Big.


Oh, 2020. You spicy minx you!.

It’s been a real one, and I know it sounds like an echo chamber around here when I say, it’s more important than ever to support small, independent and local businesses and restaurants…but the truth is many of them will not survive through 2021.custom stitched nfl jersey oregon football jerseys air max 270 women sit top kayak custom maple leafs jersey 8 ft kayak brock bowers jersey custom sublimated hockey jerseys custom maple leafs jersey penn state jersey NCAA Jerseys sac eastpak pepe jeans outlet brock purdy jersey alpinestars caschi

And while holiday support is nice and very necessary, any time you have the opportunity to SUSTAIN your support, do that. If you have the means, stock up on gift cards, join monthly memberships, schedule weekly take out dinners, shop when there’s NOT a sale and for the love of all that is good and holy, pay the shipping.

There are also so many free things you can do to support…leave a positive review, post about them, share their work and generally spread the word. I know there is a lot to hold right now, but this is the fabric of our communities and the creative marketplace and this is the stuff that feeds us when we can’t watch another minute of the news.

This year, I have again made a gift guide full of items by small makers or companies and tried to pair many of them with a small, independent website or brick and mortar store that you can click through to. Most of these are female founded, many black owned and all things I would love to get under my own tree.

Enjoy! And let this be the season of lifting one another up. xoxo


1.) Civil Alchemy Fair Isle SweaterFrom one of my favorite shops in the St. Louis area, these gorgeous fair isle sweaters, made in Scotland especially for the shop, come in a bunch of colors, in Men’s and Women’s sizing and if I could have one in each color way, I would…but this Sienna & White is calling my name.


2.) Treats from Tatte Bakeryone of my favorite haunts when I lived in Boston, Tatte now has a catalog and ships for the holidays! Founded by the incredibly talented Tzurit Or everything I have ever tasted out of her kitchens has been a delight to eat and a delight to look at. What fun to put some tiny treats into stockings this year especially when Boston family, friends and traditions feel far away.


3.) Whole Harmony Loose Tea: with a seed to shelf process and a deep belief in plant medicine Whole Harmony products are not only delicious, beautiful and healing, they help to advance a system of wellness for the earth as well as the humans who use their products. My current favorites are the Harvest Moon and Sleigh Ride. Perfect for the colder season.


4.) White Sage Incense Bundle: Sourced from a family-owned farm, sustainably harvested and regeneratively grown in support of indigenous tribes. This purifier and energy-clearing bundle is a responsible way to bring white sage into your home and practice. From our favorite little beautiful shop in Ashland, OR, Jupiter Row.


5.) Booj Bandana from Tivoli Mercantileneck accessory and impromptu mask when needed these gorgeous, soft block printed bandanas are just as useful as they are decorative. From a long-time favorite shop in Tivoli, NY. Tell Jill Leigh sent you.


6.) Winter Solstice Candle – Plugging my favorite new holiday candle from our collection of Curly Girl Candles this year. I feel like we could all use a little reminder that the light will return and we will have learned from the darkness.


7.) French Knot Hand Warmers – You might say “Leigh, these are in your gift guide like, every year!” and to you I will reply “That is because they are perfect and amazing and I honestly feel that you cannot have too many pairs.” Female founded company, working ethically with artisans in Nepal and some of the most stunningly useful accessories I own.


8.) Honey Mama’s Honey-Cocoa Bars: I first met these women at the Fancy Food show several years ago and have since developed a serious addiction to their beautiful product. Lavender Red Rose is my favorite but I have not had one that I didn’t…ahem…finish. Order from their website, or ask your local health food store to stock them!


9.) Multicolor Bin from Goodee World – This WEBSITE! Y’all. It’s. So. Good. So many beautiful things. Beautifully sourced, black owned, unique, socially- conscious, and design forward. This bin wants to be in my guest bathroom… when I have a guest bathroom…


10.) Collage Work HoopsOne of my favorite pairs of earrings from our La Boheme collection on the Curly Girl Site… I get compliments every time I wear them and we have recently restocked.


11.) Beauty Butter from 54 Thrones– I originally found this incredible Shea butter lotion in a shop in New Orleans and have become a devotee. Extremely thick (like I have to LEAN on the tube sometimes) and nourishing with two types of shea butter, ethically sourced. sustainably made and it’s safe to use all over. Clean beauty has origins in Africa and that’s what founder Christina Tegbe is out to celebrate, luxuriously.


12.) Kid’s Holiday PJs from Pink Chicken – one of my favorite places to shop for my daughter, I anxiously await their holiday pajama release each year. Founded by a Mama with a love of dressing her wild child, Pink Chicken is a go-to for dressing mine. Incredible quality, designs that hold up for all the hand-me-downs and pieces that always get a ‘where did you FIND that?”


13.) Estelle Colored Stemware – Someday I will have a new house and when that day comes I am going to accidentally break all of our boring wine glasses so that I can replace each and every one of them with a different color from Estelle Colored Glass. Female founded, black owned and steeped in the tradition of fancy grandmothers these deserve a spot on the wish list.


14.) Neroli Blossom Candle from Makana Studios – ‘Makana’ means ‘gift’ in Hawaiian. Traditional Hawaiian beliefs contend that people, animals and the land do not exist independently of one another. Rather, all of our destinies are intertwined. I couldn’t agree more, plus this neroli scent is heavenly. I first found these in a fave shop, Poppy in Columbia, Mo!


15.) Jeni’s Cognac with Gingerbread Ice Cream – Would it even BE a gift guide if it didn’t have Jeni’s Ice Cream on it. Forever my favorite thing to get and give, this flavor is … I am actually at a loss for words. I only have feelings. Delicious delicious feelings.


16.) Meadowland Simple Syrups created by my darling friend Katie Daisy and her mother-in-law, these simple syrups are the perfect thing to elevate any cocktail or mocktail to make your season bright! They are available on her website or at a few of my favorite small shops! Rock Paper Scissors and Olives and Grace.


17.) Free Spirit Tee from Lulu’s a perfect tee from a perfect lil shop! Lulu’s has everything you need for sticking under the tree this year… they also wrap everything perfectly so you don’t have to!


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