Dear Santa,


Dear Santa


As promised, I have put together my REAL Christmas list full of bits and baubles that I would be delighted to find in my stocking…

This list is (not shockingly) full of creature comforts and cozy favorites that appeal to the homebody half of my personality. This season usually brings that out in me, but something about how tough this year has been has made me happy to not leave the house hunker down and has me looking forward to drinking  enjoying the holidays with my family and eating my feelings filling my cup a little bit.

I am mostly kidding, but anyone else have a whammy of a 2016? Oy.custom youth nfl jersey kansas city chiefs crocs claudie pierlot outlet johnny manziel jersey bauchtasche eastpak nike air max 90 futura erlich bademode NFL College Jerseys OSU Jerseys nike air max 90 futura oregon football jerseys custom dallas stars jersey dallas cowboys slippers mens jordan air force 1 borsa prima classe

Presents make everything better! You can go ahead and assume that things like world sanity, togetherness and general non-hate top the agenda, but here are some other things that are on my list:


1.) Patagonia Classic Retro Fleece (XL) –  something warm and not black (lucy hair) for pick ups, drop offs, and generally athleisuring around.

2.)Plush Lace Hat from French Knot Studio – I love a pompom hats and pretty much everything French Knot makes.

3.)Gunn Beanie from Shit That I Knit – see aforementioned love of pom pom hats… this is a wish-list version.

4.)Lillet – my spirit of choice for “Enjoying the holidays with my family”

5.)Volcano Votives – my favorite candle of all time is now available as a votive candle so I can put them in every candle-loving vessel that I own. Check please!

6.)100lb Coal Bag from Best Made Co. – this was my favorite tote bag of all time until I tragically lost it. I called the company and begged them to find me one, but alas, they had stopped making it. Then… suddenly and gloriously it appeared in this year’s holiday catalog. Come home to mama!!

7.) Homestead Henley from Sundance Catalog (L in Vanilla and/or Jade) – Love this for layering up and cozying down.

8.) General Manners No. 1 Print from The Old Try – We are working on manners A LOT in our house and my friends at The Old Try have just the thing to help us remember!

9.) Nyali boots from Laidback London (size 40) – The warmth of Uggs without being well, Uggs ….I am OBSESSED with these boho booties!

10.) HighRise Metro Drifter Tights – Athleta (Black, L) – It’s safe to say that I wear yoga pants 3-5 days a week and do yoga….well, less than that. I could use a new pair.

11.) Peppermint Bark from Knoxville Chocolate Company – These guys make the best chocolate on the planet (I know, I think I’ve tasted it all) and they make it with love and from scratch. Peppermint bark is my seasonal favorite, but anything in a box from Tennessee would be fine under the tree!

12.)Chris Stapleton on vinyl – we’ve been playing a lot of records around here and while I LOVE the Muppets, I need something that Mommy can listen to over and over and over and over again… this is the one.

13.) Wool & Cashmere Shampoo from The Laundress – I love the smell of this and it treats my winter sweaters with such T.L.C.

14.) Fiddle Leaf Ficus (Ficus Lydrata) -I used to think I had a black thumb, but then I TRIED to kill a plant…. we have had an ugly plant for years that was getting huge and awkward and no matter how much I neglected it, would not die. It finally got old enough and went off to “college” so we have an opening. I have always wanted one of these and I promise to be much nicer to it.

That’s the long and the short of it! Thought I would get it in under the wire of internet ship dates (ahem, Ground shipping on cutoff is THURSDAY!) and before the big guy finds out I was spiteful to a plant….

What’s on your list?


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