My Grown-up Christmas List


My Grown-up Christmas List



I am famously (or infamously) difficult to shop for.custom youth nfl jersey kansas city chiefs crocs claudie pierlot outlet johnny manziel jersey bauchtasche eastpak nike air max 90 futura erlich bademode NFL College Jerseys OSU Jerseys nike air max 90 futura oregon football jerseys custom dallas stars jersey dallas cowboys slippers mens jordan air force 1 borsa prima classe

I know this because my family complains tells me this every year around my birthday and Christmas. I understand. I am particular about the things I like and I owned a gift shop for ten years. That makes it difficult to shop for me and I get that. SO each year I try to make a list of things that Santa could bring me.

This year, I was sitting in an airport somewhere jotting things down that I would really really like and as I got maybe 5 items in, a shiver went down my spine.

This was a mom list.

This is the Christmas list equivalent to mom jeans.

My list used to be full of sparkly baubles, tickets to shows, perky sweaters and scented candles and now, when I sat down to think about the things that would make me really really happy, the first thing that popped into my mind was: a good bra.

A good bra. Being an adult that does not want to push anything up to anywhere but back to where it was before, I have graduated from Victoria’s Secret, but am not quite in Soma Intimates territory yet. That said, this is a glass house full of sports bras and old Gap standbys that I cannot afford to throw stones in.

Needless to say, this list has been eye opening and a tiny bit sobering. Full of practical things, things-that-I-wish-just-happend-for-me things, and things-that-would-just-make-my-daily-life-happier-or-easier (or, have fewer holes in it) things, this list is not glamorous, but I am willing to bet one or two of these things is secretly on your list.

Sending this out to Santa…

1.) A new bra.

Not something that anyone can really buy for you, but maybe a point in the right direction.

2.)A clean car.

My husband’s car is always so clean. He would say it’s because he treats his things with great care and is generally a neater person than me. (He does. He is.) but I would say it is because I ride around with two small people and one hairy beast more than he does on a more frequent basis, and because I can never quite justify the hour or more that it requires to get it done. I don’t want to clean it myself, I don’t want to wait to have it cleaned, I just want it to magically appear in the driveway full of gas and sparkling clean. That would be an amazing gift.

3.)Our carpets steam cleaned.

I told you this wasn’t sexy. We have a lot of rugs. We also have a dog and two small children. The rugs, though vacuumed very frequently have just GOT to have about a billion cheerios and various other things ground powder fine and soaked into them. It would fill me with joy to have them professionally cleaned once a year.

4.) New pots and pans.

We cook a lot and the crappy pans we registered for for our wedding have whatever dangerous cancer-causing coating scraping off the bottoms of them. This should probably have been higher on the list….

5.) Yoga.

Yoga is my workout of choice and I am working really hard to make time to do it. Classes are always a welcome gift.

6.) The correct adapter cable for my Mini.

When I got my car, it only came with the adapter cable (so you can play music from your phone through the car) that fit the old iPhones. They offered me the ability to BUY the updated one, but I refused, to make a statement on how idiotic that was. Take that MINI! Yeah. Whelp, I really want one because I constantly wish I had it in the car. I can’t find it anywhere online and if someone gets it FOR me, at least I can tell myself that I really stood my ground.

7.) Sleep.

This seems obvious, but luxurious at the same time. I am a straight up 8-10 hours/night girl. I NEED sleep. I used to put myself down for naps as a kid. Our kids are pretty good sleepers, and I generally get enough…but being able to ‘sleep til I wake up” as my college friends used to say, would be a true gift. Recognizing that this is a gift that really only Coach can give me, it is more of public begging.

Once in awhile, get up with the kids and suggest that I stay in bed. Until the spirit moves me. You can put a bow on that and put it in my stocking!

8.) Tickets to see Hamilton.

Just thought I’d throw that on there. Keep the dream alive you know?


Anything I’m missing? I mean, obviously there are…but what’s on your list? I promise to have a bits and baubles list up soon!



Image:Liza Hirst

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