Museum of Things Card: The Inspiration


Museum of Things

The art for Fall Apart (Museum of Things) is a love letter to coffee and my parents. Not necessarily in that order.

My mom and dad are in many ways the cornerstone of my little family’s life in this season and not much would work without them.

When Coach (my husband) got a job offer to work in his field within Major League Baseball a few years ago, we decided that even though it would mean that he would have to travel about 20 days a month, it was an investment in his career and future of meaningful work that we could not turn down.

We had long wished for an opportunity to have my parents closer… and even though it broke our hearts to leave our beloved Boston, we took the leap and moved to St. Louis. The twins were 5 at the time and we knew that with both of us doing work we loved, we would need  lots of support to do anything close to well.sac eastpak college football jerseys brock bowers jersey keyvone lee jersey NCAA Jerseys claudie pierlot outlet oregon football jerseys sit top kayak inflatable kayak keyvone lee jersey Iowa State Football Uniforms college football jerseys nike air max 90 futura Iowa State Football Uniforms custom dallas stars jersey

So we packed up everything, sold our house, found a rental, and got to our new town just in time to start kindergarten and go head-long into a worldwide pandemic.

To say that it has been a lot of transition would be an understatement . . . but to say we are glad to have been living down the street from my parents through it all would be too.

They make everything work better and are always up for a project or handy with a warm meal that I didn’t have to cook. Their creativity, hard work, enthusiasm, and generosity has been an absolute life vest for us and we are extremely grateful.

Throughout these challenging last couple of years, I have made lot of mental lists about the things we could and could not live without. What (and often whom) could fall to the wayside that I was sure I needed before and what I missed when it was unavailable.

I’m certain we all have gotten a touch clearer on our necessities.

This card is a love letter to the ones who get you through. Near or far. New or old. And you had better believe if I could send coffee a card, I would send it… right after I sent one to my folks.

— xo, Leigh

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