Shop Tour – Watson Kennedy, Seattle


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Back to the journey. While I was on my way to ArtFest 2010 last March enjoying the day to myself in Seattle I stumbled across, make that nearly tripped over Watson Kennedy right outside my hotel door and boy am I glad I did!

Since opening Marmalade and being pretty much obsessed with the retail experience I am constantly on the lookout for inspiring independent retail shops. Curating a unique shopping experience is definitely an art form all it's own and I am always searching for places who do it well. So when I walked through the door to this treasure I had to contain myself a little.

With his genius mix of vintage and contemporary, proprietor Ted Kennedy Watson transports you to another place and time (and makes you lose all track of time!) in his delightfully stocked emporium. You suddenly wish you had a proper dressing table so you could display your assortment of fine perfumes while you brush your hair exactly 100 times and recite sonnets. Elizabeth Bennett eat your heart out!! You could also be in the most polished French flea market on earth searching for epic love letters and spools of vintage ribbon. Either would do really! Watson Kennedy now has three delightful locations in the Seattle area. Please find them if you are in the neighborhood!

Have any favorites to recommend?

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