Peanuts? Pretzels?


To say the past 15 months have been a little bit busy, might be an understatement. Kind of like it might be an understatement to say that Joan Rivers has had a little plastic surgery.

Now, I am certainly not sorting the affairs of nations, but my very recent history includes; getting married, buying a house, renovating said house, Coach changing jobs, Coach starting his masters program, moving, Coach changing jobs agian, on top of a fairly rigorous travel schedule for work. Then I decided it would be a good idea to make this my year of creative development. You know, to experience new things.

My goal was to get out of my comfort zone a little. Take some classes, sign up for camps work a medium that I might never otherwise and meet new people. So I signed up for four. One art thing, two craft/industry things and one blogging thing (what? I work best with a goal!). The last of which I will leave for next week…it's in Morocco. But more on that later.

It turned out to be a very interesting journey and one that I, of course, do not regret. Neither, for that matter, does American Express.I think part of the reason I wanted to do this blog was to log these adventures, keep track of these miles and share these people and places with you. And of course to tell you about the food. I have a way of dining my way through places that is, well, best observed.

So this series of entries will be flashbacks to 2010, the year of creative development. The year of crazy travel. The year I showed up.

The first 'Gypsy Soul' post will cover 'ArtFest 2010″ in Port Townsend, WA. Stay tuned!

(The above map represents all the U.S. cities I have been to so far this year. In no particular order: Atlanta, GA (2x), Dallas,Tx, New York, NY (4x), Augusta, ME, Santa Barbara, CA, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Port Townsend, WA, St.Louis, MO(2x), Syracuse, NY, Middlebury, VT, Cape Cod, MA, Virginia Beach, VA, Nantucket, MA, Los Angeles, CA, SanFrancisco, CA, Kennebec, ME, and Washington, DC.

aaaaand for good measure I squeezed in Dublin, IRE for 47 hours and London. Not too shabby eh?)

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