Habits of Happiness


Photo by Ezra Caldwell: http://www.fastboycycles.com

For a while now, my friend Lacy and I have been chatting on the topic of “happiness”. What is it? Where does it come from? How do we get more of it? What makes us really happy? What makes one person a “happy person” and another not? The questions are endless, but the research, it turns out, is fun! We have in no way become experts, but have learned one thing: Happiness is, among other things, a practice. So like anything else we want to do better, we must make it a habit.
Lacy has been ‘practicing’ for a long time now, and I feel she has a lot to share on the topic. So when I decided to start this blog, I asked her if she would do regular guest-posts to talk about it. I plan to make a habit of reading them. xoxo, Leigh

P.S. The image above is by Ezra Caldwell of Fast Boy Cycles. I stumbled on his blog recently and have been following his journey (whether he knows it or not!). I have not been so moved by someone’s resolve and general spirit like this in awhile. He is a lucky and brave soul. Check him out here.


Shout your dreams

I read somewhere recently that children don’t whisper their dreams and it made me pause.  I love the idea of a whisper.  I say it all the time… that I am whispering out this or that into the universe on the behalf of someone I love.  It comes from the place of pure sincerity in me.  I love to whisper BUT when it comes to dreaming I’m in absolute agreement… it’s time we shout!  It’s true that children shout their dreams out at you and any one who will listen.  Children say their dreams as is if it’s so because all they know is infinite possibility.   And who am I to say that you can’t grown up to have a unicorn farm and rainbow snow cone stand?!

So in response consider that today is the day…
Today is the day to explore your infinite possibilities!
Today is the day to know your dreams can be.
Today is the day for less stress, more energy and an abundance of happy.
Today is the day to play.
Today is the day to hoola hoop, to run and jump and be outside.
Today is the day to create.
Today is the day for focus.
Today is the day for calm.
Today is the day to believe in yourself.
Today is the day to become the person you always believed you could be.
Today is the day to open your mind and your heart.
Today is the day to let go of your limitations.
Today is the day to write down all your ideas for happiness!
I hope this finds you inspired.  I hope this finds your dreams very much alive!
Sending shouts, not whispers of love to you today.

Lacy Young is a professional happy person. You can find out more about her on her blog.

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