Habits of Happiness


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For a while now, my friend Lacy and I have been chatting on the topic of “happiness”. What is it? Where does it come from? How do we get more of it? What makes us really happy? What makes one person a “happy person” and another not? The questions are endless, but the research, it turns out, is fun! We have in no way become experts, but have learned one thing: Happiness is, among other things, a practice. So like anything else we want to do better, we must make it a habit.
Lacy has been ‘practicing’ for a long time now, and I feel she has a lot to share on the topic. So when I decided to start this blog, I asked her if she would do regular guest-posts to talk about it. I plan to make a habit of reading them. xoxo, Leigh

Food Rx:

Hi All! Lacy Here!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my college days of baking and eating funfetti cake (no disrespect to Ms. Betty Crocker) for breakfast, lunch and dinner it is that food has tremendous power.  If ever there was a Rx for happy it’s through amazing life giving foods.
I’m delighted to bring you a few tips that you can take right to your lips.

1. Are you sitting down?  Ready?!  Fat is your friend.  Omega-3 fats are household names now-a-days but are you getting enough of them?  They are essential to brain health and have been linked to improve depression! Flaxseeds, salmon and walnuts are your friends!

2. Eat at regular intervals to keep your blood sugar level.  Level blood sugar means you stay perky and those you love get to keep their heads.

3. Get complicated… go for complex carbs like grains and veggies.  Complex carbohydrates provide a consistent mental state and keeps you happily fuller longer.  Spoonful of nut butter anyone?

There you go, three little tips to keep you in the land of bliss and healthy benefits!

Here’s to your health!
Lacy Young is a professional happy person. You can find out more about her on her blog.

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