Be Your Own Valentine


Leigh Standley Says Be Your Own Valentine

Be Mine! Actually Be Yours First

It’s been a time friends. A. TIME. And I don’t know about you but I’m tired. I need to find some new words for existentially worn out, but that’ll have to be another day.

If you are reading this, chances are we are kindred in some way. You have spent the better part of your time and energy these last couple of years caring for others in ways you had not planned for.

Not that you had not planned on CARING for these same folks with all of your heart (although my guess is there have been a few more added to your list than you bargained for) but you had a plan, possibly systems, set up for how you would manage that care and also your own thriving.

And then we had to survive. uberlube luxury lubricant 8 ft kayak ASU Jerseys smith and soul vanhunks kayak inflatable kayak jock strap custom maple leafs jersey dallas cowboys slippers mens casquette femme von dutch custom nfl football jerseys borsa prima classe air jordan 1 low flyease alpinestars caschi NFL College Jerseys 

Survival is a very different kind of energy. It actually engages our nervous system in a totally different way. And you have likely not only been in charge of your own survival, but the survival of a few others as well.

You are the captain AND the crew.

So this is a letter to you from me of acknowledgment and honor. Be Yours and Save the World

I’m writing this a week before Valentine’s Day. Please take this up-coming love-centric holiday as an opportunity to love on yourself. Take the calendar-driven pause to focus on honoring your beautiful, whole, tired-ass self and do something for you that makes your heart sing. Or at least lightens it a little bit.

I sent myself flowers.

They came two days ago. I even wrote myself the card. (It actually worked out perfectly because between buying them and them arriving, I had forgotten I’d done it — so it was a surprise! Lol.)

And if buying a big box of Curly Girl cards (or one of our art prints, mugs, or candles or other inspirational goodies) makes your heart sing … go ahead and treat yourself. Take care of yourself and have a little more fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day my dears. You are doing a great job.

XO, Leigh

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