A little magic


Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I hope you are loving yourself and treating those you love to something a little extra special today. I, for one am in the right business to be on team Valentine’s day, but even if you roll your eyes at the thought, you have to admit there is something a little bit magic about everyone going a tiny bit out of their way in the heart of winter to let you know they think you’re swell.

I think YOU are swell and to prove it I am going to share a little treasure with you.

Sticks and Stones is a new line of beautiful handcrafted tiny magic things created by my friend and design wunderkind Sarah Foelske. Sarah has worked professionally as a graphic designer since we both left University of Kansas, ahem, some years ago and chances are, you’ve seen a billboard or a magazine spread that she has been part of.

Growing up in Boulder, CO, “a little bit hippie”, Sarah believes in the healing power of crystals, smudge sticks and spirit animals, but as a world class designer could never get her head right on how these things are packaged. So she set out to change that and to teach us a little about what the Shamans know.

Sarah has created little energetically aligned collections of talismans, stones, crystals and smudge sticks with hand painted feathers and hand-dipped leather pouches that speak to a little of what we need in our lives. Making a little bit of magic a little more accessible… and pretty to look at too!

The new mamma in me has her eye on “The Protector”, but naturally I am drawn to “The Creator” as well… I guess we are never just one thing.

I found these so lovely and fresh that I just had to share them with you. I hope you love them, and if you do, Sarah has been kind enough to offer you a special coupon code for free shipping just enter CURLYGIRLLOVE at checkout. Shipping may take a couple of weeks.

Would love to know what you think! Which one would you choose?


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