Opening Day Inspiration


Photo from “A League of Their Own” Courtesy of Sony

Today is opening day at Fenway Park. It is going to be 66 degrees and sunny and I think it is fair to say that spring has officially arrived! Thank all that is good and holy!

I love baseball. I am not a rabid fan of any one team (though, the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals are my 'home teams' and have my heart and I will root hardest for them. In the case of inter-league play (and several recent World Series,) I go with who is winning…useful strategy.

I think it is everything surrounding baseball that I really like.

The accessories, if you will.

I like hot dogs (only at the ball park) and beer and open-air play. The uniforms are classic (though a getting a little baggy if you ask me…) it's family friendly and the game is distinctly American. Oh, and summer is a fine thing to have in your back pocket if you are looking for fans. But I think the thing I like the most about it, is that despite the outrageous budget discrepancies between teams and all of that front-office malarkey, it can always surprise you.

A player can, at any moment have the game of his life, pitch a no-hitter, take it to extra innings with a well-placed grounder, or land in a slump the size of his team's Yankee-sized budget. No matter how much money is spent, there is still room for a little magic. And sometimes, sticking it out until the 9th inning… really pays off.

I found this poem, written about local Boston baseball hero Ted Williams and thought that it would be a great way to celebrate the beginning of the season, and also remind all of us to keep our eyes on the ball.


The Ted Williams Villanelle by Wendy Cope
“Don't let anybody mess with your swing.”
– Ted Williams, baseball player

Watch the ball and do your thing.
This is the moment. Here's your chance.
Don't let anybody mess with your swing.

Its time to shine. You're in the ring.
Step forward, adopt a winning stance,
Watch the ball and do your thing,

And while the ball is taking wing,
Run without a backward glance.
Don't let anybody mess with your swing.

Don't let envious bastards bring
You down. Ignore the sneers, the can'ts.
watch the ball and do your thing.

Sing out, if you want to sing.
Jump up, when you long to dance.
Don't let anybody mess with your swing.

Enjoy your talents. Have your fling.
The seasons change. The years advance.
Watch the ball and do your thing,
And don't let anybody mess with your swing.



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