She’s Crafty – By Birth.


Happy October! I have had the pleasure of spending the first weekend of this glorious month with my parents visiting from St. Louis. I had loads of outdoor plans for them but we were inevitably foiled by rain. I am starting to think I should only do spontaneous outdoor activities, never planned. I am batting 1000 for rained out plans this year. Oh well, the inside-time allowed my Mom and I to do 'projects'….and my poor Dad to get some reading and napping in. Sorry Dad!

Whenever my Mom and I are together we usually have some creative project that we “have” to get done. This weekend, I had all of the supplies for my upcoming “Bloom Loom Bonanza” Class at Marmalade and we made adorable fabric, yarn and ribbon flowers well into the night! It is so fun to do you find yourself looking at all sorts of things wondering if it would make a cute flower…not even the dental floss is safe! If you are local to Boston and want to hang out and give it a try there are still a few spots left for Tuesday night's class. Sign up!

My mom is a newly retired elementary art teacher, so craftiness, resourcefulness and cleverness are pretty much her nature. I grew up with glorious and sometimes hilarious (like the time we went as bags of dog food) Halloween costumes and school projects. We recycled, upcycled or repurposed everything and learned to make even the most mundane things fancy. She is a visionary and I am fortunate to share a bloodline with her. 

Because I knew she was coming, and because the people across the street from me are apparently cleaning out their basement, I did a little trash-picking on Friday. I found this little cart:

Which despite being a tad dirty, was in perfect working order. “How useful!” I thought, and dragged it inside before any of my neighbors saw me in my pajamas. Together with a can of spray paint, some spray mount and a yard of fabric, my Mom and I turned it into this:

In just a couple hours. Not sure what I am going to do with it, but I am sure it will come in handy for something!

The fabric I found here. It's by Anna Maria Horner who I have a great big professional crush on.

So Mom and I have had a pretty craft-tastic weekend together (my parents have also done a great deal of yard work too, for which I am eternally grateful.) We have a few things left to do before they depart, if we make anything amazing I will be sure to share!

Speaking of craft-tastic, one of our Curly Girl staffers, Laura had her very first craft show booth yesterday at a local school and we went out to see her.

Laura has been a bright and shiny part of CGD for three years now, she packs all of your website orders with love and fairy dust and is the magic behind our wholesale catalog among many many other things. Laura started selling her line Paper Taxi, on her fresh new etsy site just a couple of months ago and its cuteness just takes my breath away.

This past weekend she set up shop at a local craft fair, and was simply the best booth in the place! I couldn't help but buy a pair of her adorable tassel earrings and a few cards to send to my most special of specials.

She is so incredibly talented and adorable you will not be able to resist her magic. Please check her out if you can and tell her I sent you. We love having her at Curly Girl (and totally need her), but something tells me her hot air balloon will soon be on to bigger and better things! I can't wait to watch her grow! You can also find her on her blog.

Congrats LWz!

Ok, that's about all the fabulousness I can fit into one little blog post! It's a big week here at CGD as I celebrate my first blog-i-versary… my first post was exactly a year ago on Thursday. Who knows what crazy thing I will get up to for that!? Any suggestions?? Anyone out there who has been reading since day one?? I would love to hear from you!


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