Spring 2012 Sneak Peek #3!


Here is another sneak peek for the May 2012 release! Almost my entire family is made up of educators. English teachers, Business teachers, Kindergarten, French and my Mom just retired from teaching art K-5 for more than 20 years. They have been Deans, Administrators, Advisors and Heads of Departments, and Coaches. They collectively have more education than some small nations and I couldn't be more proud of having grown up surrounded by them. As a result, we stopped at all the scenic views on road trips, went to museums, learned the history of things. We kept rock collections, and bug collections and were not afraid of snakes or spiders. For my brother and me, childhood was rich and full of adventure, and as an adult I continue to learn from them. In fact, some of them still check my final cards for grammar and punctuation (send your emails to them!).

I have such a great and deep respect and admiration for good teachers that I found it hard to write on the subject. That sometimes happens when you are too close to something. This is my first of hopefully many love letters to those who teach. Thank you to those of you who get up each day and shape what is possible.


Let me know what you think!


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