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As you may know, I am sort of obsessed with interior styling, so whenever I get my hands on a new space to do up, you can start to hear the circus music going on in my head. I become, well, sort of 'focused' to put it lightly. Right now I am busy picking paint colors, flooring and fixtures for 'big' Marmalade as well as our workshop space and my new office in the basement. Basement spaces always present their own special set of challenges, but in commercial spaces that are a hundred years old, those challenges get doubled. Low light, potential water damage, strange walls, and pipes, perhaps even a 3000lb safe that is too heavy to remove. My goal to make a cheerful creative and cozy space hits roadblocks at every turn, but I am making headway. Thought I would share a little gem of inspiration that I found on my journey to create this space. These incredible vintage rugs are from Loom Rugs of Australia. Their collection of pieces is mesmerizing and so well curated that I would build a room around almost any one. How fun to start with something that has had a whole colorful life before it even came to you and let it inform a space that will have a creative life all it's own! Now, if I could only go to Oz to pick one up!!

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