6 reasons I’m glad the world didn’t end:


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After nearly ten days away, in New York for the National Stationery Show and in St. Louis celebrating my grandma's 90th birthday I am back into the swing of things. There is so much to talk about! But one thing must first be addressed…we get to spend another day here on good old earth! Now, before you think I am more “whimsical” than you thought, I did not believe for a second that May 21st was the end of days (though, it would've been the “I told you so” of “I told you so's” wouldn't it!!?) But on May 22nd I did find myself thinking of all the reasons that I am SUPER glad to have more time to spend in the world. Here are six of them:

1.) Lilacs ~ There can simply not be enough lilacs in any given room. If I were Oprah, I would have giant bunches of fresh lilacs delivered to me weekly no matter where I was in the world. Just so I could smell them. (image from: covetliving )

2.) Yellow Dresses ~ Is there anything prettier or fresher than the perfect color yellow in the perfect summer dress? (image from: eshakiti )

3.) The possibility of love ~ every single day we get the chance to fall in love. The possibility of it is around every corner. How nice is that? New love or the same love you woke up next to yesterday…every day is a new day. (image from: 27media)

4.) Polka Dots ~ they make everything a little happier. (image from: 30something drama queen)

5.) Pie. (image from: babble )

6.) Adventure ~ All the places I have never been, all the places I want to go back to, all the roads and seas and sights I have yet to encounter. All the people I have yet to meet there. For me, there is always always something to explore. (image from: 6th street design)

So there are just six of millions. It is a fun exersise…try it! Remind yourself of what you love and why!

What are your six?



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