6 things I love about this season


I woke up before dawn today thinking about all the things I needed to get done to get the shop ready for this weekend. This is a big one for us. Our annual holiday open house and sale, which tends to be our busiest day of the year, after which we close the shop for 2 hours and then open it up to our staff, family and friends to thank them and celebrate with them. It is a fun day. A very very long fun day.

To take myself down a stress-notch, I made a quick mini-list of some of my favorite things about the holiday season and thought I would share.

1.)Coziness! Having a home full of family or friends or both. Hunkering down in something flannel with something or someone warm. Love it. (image: via)

2.)Christmas cookies! Making, eating, sharing, packaging…the whole nine. My favorites are my mom's buckeyes and my neighbor Debbie's Italian Grandma Cookies (I don't actually know what they are called, so I call them that.) (image: via)

3.)Dressing up! I love parties and the holidays offer more than their fair share! Bring on the bubbly and the heels! (image: via)

4.)The first snow fall. But just the first one. (image: via)

5.)Singing! I love to sing, and I love Christmas music (yes. I am that person) and the possibilities for song are almost endless this time of year. Bring on the classics! (Image: via)

6.)Hall-decking!! Decorating is my favorite! I just can't get enough of sparkly, magical, glittery things. Or anything that smells like a Christmas tree. Need something wrapped in balsam? I'm your girl. (Image: via)

What are a few of your favorite things about the season?


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