A Confession.


Back at Christmas I posted a little “Holiday House Tour” and you guys were so nice with your praise and compliments! I have continued to field so many requests for posts about home decor and personal style that I was beginning to feel like I had something of a knack for this. This morning, I had to come to terms with why things will never be quite what I would like them to be in this area of my life. I have to be honest with myself. And with you.

So, I have a confession to make.

I have Seasonal Attachment Disorder. (S.A.D for short.)

My tree is still up. MY TREE IS STILL UP!!! I mean seriously! We are in total fire-hazard territory here. Coach says you just have to give the thing a dirty look at this point and it will drop all of it's needles. (Though he has made little effort to take it down either…)

Now, that you have had a chance to catch your breath, you should know that I have strict one-month policy regarding Christmas trees. If we are going to bring this whole tree into our home, I want to keep it up for at least one month from the time we get it so it has the appropriate amount of time to sparkle in our midst. You should also know that we got the tree on December 12th. We are solidly in the two-month range here. Part of the reason it is still up is logistical, trash/recycle guys come on Thursdays and will only take trees every other week and I have been traveling a ton this past two months…but a hefty bit of the reason it is still there is because I just love Christmas decor! And it was so pretty! And I have nothing else to put in that corner…and…

Oh! My mother would never let this happen! That tree would be down, ornaments packed away, and in the mulcher a tidy 7-9 days after Christmas (she is not devoid of feelings…). In fact, if you are reading this and know my mom, please don't tell her. She will be embarrassed. She has done a lot of bragging about me.

But there's more.

If you were to ring my doorbell today, and I invited you in, you would see this:

Yes those are pumpkins. Well, gourds to be precise. Yes, they have been there since Halloween.

The issue here is that they are so darn pretty! Plus, not rotten at all, which engages my practical side. I mean, it's terrible to throw out something that is perfectly good, and still pretty (no, I am actually not a hoarder). Plus, they are white, so I figured we could pass them off as “winter gourds”…it is technically still winter. Do you see the illness here?

So there you have it. I stand here before you, deeply imperfect and possibly in need of help. And I still can think of nothing sadder than a dried up old Christmas tree sitting on the side of the road.

Next to a pumpkin.

Oh boy.


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