A few truths.


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Hello and happy Friday to you!! Thank you all so much for your sweet anniversary wishes! The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of family, friends, parties and miles on the Mini! After it is all said and done, I have a new Godson (Jack!), my cousin has a new husband (Bob!), I have been a bridesmaid, a florist, a stylist, a wiffle ball champion and a Sunday driver. The Mini has its first two thousand miles on it, and those miles have brought me QT with my whole family, and my two college besties. We have seen sunsets on a farm in central New York, and on the beautiful coast of Maine. If I could stitch all that into a quilt I would wear it around my shoulders everyday.

I will fill you in on all of those adventures with about one million photos over the next few weeks, but today I wanted to pause because I noticed something.

I am happy.

This is not a rare occurrence at all. Not in the slightest. It’s just that yesterday, as I was walking to work, that actual thought went through my head. I AM SO HAPPY. The thought said. It has been ringing in my ears ever since and making me notice the things that are making me happy. Simple things that are making me unreasonably happy (such a funny term…when is happiness unreasonable?…but I like it.)

It’s not that I have never noticed this before, or had the realization that I am, in fact, happy, it’s that I don’t very often write about it. Even to myself. My journal pages are filled with lists and conversations with myself about things that are wrong, or that I want to change or do better. I very seldom write when I feel awesome. I guess I don’t need to or something…am I alone here? Anyone else leaf through their journals to find mostly ‘work’?

SO, for the record, my few truths today are 6 things that make me unreasonably happy:

1.) Wearing tank tops on warm summer days and feeling the sun on my shoulders.

2.)Naps. Not because I have necessarily been able to take that many recently, but just the idea of them and the fact that they are at our disposal to recharge our bodies makes me feel good.

3.)Beautiful Food. Summer is a free-for-all of fruits and vegetables that come in so many brilliant colors and shapes. When I bring them home I am always amazed that we get to have things that beautiful. That we get to *EAT* things that beautiful. It seems so luxurious.

4.)Possibility. I love the possibility of things and when I start planning things and trying to make things work and fit together, I get all hopped up and happy.

5.)Vacation. For-real vacation. Not work-a-little-play-a-little vacation, but shutting off, shutting down, shorts and flip flops (maaaaaybe a shirt, but probably just a bathing suit) kind of vacation. It actually adds years to your life.

6.) Sparkling Shiraz. I’m not kidding. This kind in particular is one of the things that makes me unreasonably happy. Not because I drink too much of it, but because it is delicious, served chilled and makes that magnificent *POP* sound when you open it. Joy all around.


There you go. I wrote down a little happy. Take that journal!

What makes you unreasonably happy?? Can you pick just 6?


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