Aaaaaaannd we’re back!


im back!Hi friends! (Hi Dad. Yes, I know… it’s been awhile.)

I took a little break. It wasn’t really planned. Wait, that sounds like something people whisper in church… “She took a “little break” …”

Truth is you CAN do it all. Just not at the same time. And, while I’m on the subject, “it all” is a very subjective thing and feels a lot like a challenge these days rather than a deep desire.

Reality: I have two businesses, two babies, one husband, one dog, several families, friends and a waistline that all require my attention and none of them were getting it in a way that felt satisfying to me. I was trying to juggle all of these balls and was not feeling successful. So I put a couple of the balls down. (Ever try juggling just one ball? Try it! You will be AMAZING at it! Really good for the old self esteem…)

I played to my strengths for a little while, juggled less, and tried to pay some quality attention to fewer things and got my strength back. Let myself feel successful.

I had wanted to STEEP this year. Soak it all in. Enjoy the babies every minute in their babyness, find out who I was going to be as a Mom and a creative and a business owner and a wife in this new phase of my life. And I found out that I couldn’t “steep” in it and document it all at the same time.

You cannot be present and reflect simultaneously. True story.

And so, I am making my way back to this space. Because I love it here, and I missed it. Because there is so much to say and share. Because this is one of the families. Because this is one of the balls that makes me feel like a good juggler.

Plus, we’ve had a little, ahem, work done. (like it?)

Hope you are still out there and ready! Even though it sounds a bit like I have been knitting and cooing at babies for the past 9 months, that is not exactly true. We have lots to catch up on! There is lots in store and the baby photos alone are worth a few moments of your day (though, if you want more than you can handle, go ahead and find us on Instagram.) So get ready!

Thank you so much for your patience and for holding this space for me. I am truly grateful for it.

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