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For those of you who are not related to me, do not already know me or have no idea how they ended up here, allow me to introduce myself. For those of you who do, take a seat.

My name is Leigh Standley. I am the creator of Curly Girl Design. Curly Girl Design is a small-ish greeting card and gift company that publishes and distributes my work. We sell to many retail shops nation-wide and distribute to several other countries. We also now license my work to larger companies to make other types of gifts and things. It's a great job. I love doing it alot. 

I am the daughter of my incredible parents and sister to my pretty-cool brother who live in St. Louis, where I grew up and went to public school. We grew up taking lots of family car trips, putting on plays (and musicals)  in our basement, playing in the woods and keeping lots of unique pets. Including a pet tarantula, a snake that got caught in a recorder, and several hampsters and birds that my mom had to give CPR to at various points. We enjoy singing goofy songs together in the car and bar-b-queing pretty much anything.

I am the wife of a handsome, smarty-pants educator and basketball coach whom we will call “Coach” and whom I love dearly. We live near Boston, where I moved 10 years ago so I could be by the sea. We met at yoga. He let me win at Scrabble and we got married six years later on a farm. We are devoted dog parents to Lucy. She is, of course the perfect dog. A lab-terrier mix to the best of our knowledge, from a shelter in Missouri. She enjoys anything that involves chicken, greeting people at the shop and rolling in smelly things. 

I am the owner and buyer of a tiny retail shop called Marmalade. It is right upstairs from Curly Girl HQ in Belmont, MA and purveys all manner of fancy and functional things. I love curating the displays and picking our offerings. I also love building a community around Curly Girl Products and our neighborhood. It makes every day feel meaningful.

Lastly, I am a writer, artist, designer, collector, foodie, and yogi who almost went to theater conservatory. I am a very amature photographer and stylist and I secretly long to be a jazz singer. Someday I would like to learn to play the banjo, be a mother and re-read Gone with the Wind (not necessarily in that order) but for now I've got enough on my plate.

This blog is the world from my perspective so far. Thanks for stopping by!

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