Chicken or the Egg?


Photo by my Dad in 1973

Because the glorious event of my birth happend on May 10th, my Mom has always had to share Mother's Day with my birthday. Or rather, I have always had to share my birthday with Mother's Day. This year they were two days apart, but many years fall on the same day begging the obvious question… who should get the corner brownie!? She is a mother because of me, and I only have a birthday because she skipped jazzercize for 9 months. (This was a much more reasonable arguement when I was an only child. My brother coming along really screwed up the balance…).

Any way you look at it though, the truth is that the fact that the other exists is one of the things we like best about the world. To me, the world is so much more magical, colorful and exciting with my Mom in it, and I would venture to guess that the world became a place my Mom liked a whole lot better once I was in it with her.

So, I will split the brownie, and say thank you.

Thanks for having me Mom (and Dad!), and Happy Mother's Day!! I love you.


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