Coach’s Birthday Giveaway!


Today is a day of remembrance for this nation. It's a day of story telling, moments of silence, dedication and of rebuilding. Like many of you, I remember 9/11/01 as clear as a bell and knew many whose lives were affected, and forever changed by the events that day. I wish peace and grace for those people and this nation today.

Today is also a day of celebration in my house. It is the day (MANY years before 2001) that my darling husband was born! I didn't know Coach on 9/11, but it is, indirectly, due to those events that we met and for that I am grateful. We both lost our jobs in layoffs resulting from our respective industries losing business after 9/11 and wound up working and volunteering at a local yoga studio. I remember the exact day in 2002 that we met and I actually still get the same feeling in my stomach sometimes when he walks in a room as I did that day.

In celebration and to add a lift to your day, I say we do a give-away!!

You can use this comment space in anyway you need today, in memory of someone, in celebration, to tell your story, or to just wish Coach Happy Birthday. I will pick 2 comments at random to receive a full collection of the Curly Girl Design Holiday Card Line (that's 21 boxes of cards)!!

Have a peaceful and beautiful day. Happy Birthday Coach!


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