First comes marriage…


Four years ago today I married the love of my life.

Well, at the time, he was a guy that I really really loved a lot. Being married to him has made him the love of my life.

I am so grateful for the time and attention that we have been able to put into our marriage and for the confidence and trust Coach has shown in me and for the laughter and silliness that he brings to my life. We still choose each other every day and navigating partnership is still at times many times, a challenge but as we embark on this new crazy journey with two little ones on the way, I have never been more in love.

I write this here, so that when I am up at 4am crying and cursing his name, I remember this beautiful, hormone-induced love bliss and know that it was once real…

But really, my hope is that we are able to bring all of this choosing and challenge and silliness and laughter and craziness into our lives with kids and remember to hold each other's hands through the ride we are getting on.

Happy Anniversary Coach! Thank you for a spectacular year.


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