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Yesterday, while driving I heard a story on NPR that made me sit in my car well after I had arrived at my destination to finish it. I know you have done something like this. I see people sitting in their cars all the time, seeming distantly engaged in something, maybe laughing out loud or crying. I know the type. They are story people. When I reflect on it I am touched and feel more rooted in the notion that we have, as a species, always connected through stories, and likely always will…technology or no. We will find a way.

This particular story was a feature from The Moth Radio Hour and was an autobiographical story written by and read by Jen Lee. It was about many things, but among them transition, transformation, community and personal identity. The clarity of her voice and her humor lured me in, but the personal connection I felt to her journey and the wisdom of her experience made me sit in my car well after.

I could personally relate to Jen’s story in a pretty literal way, but I think there is a way we can all relate.

You can listen to her story, “Targeted”, here. It is worth 8 minutes of your time.

This past Sunday I watched Brené Brown’s episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday (watch it if you can!) and though the whole thing resonated, something she said really hit home. She said: “Faith minus vulnerability and mystery equals extremism.”

That rang my bell. And made me think of all my righteous moments, the moments when I am absolutely sure that I know what’s good for everybody and how things should be done, ( I am a text-book Taurus) and I wondered where I set my vulnerability down. Jen Lee’s story rang that same bell in a way that made me laugh. I am grateful for the lessons from these women today. And grateful that I am in this experience, not in charge of it.

I would love to know what you all think. I am sure there are some feelings out there…


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