Four Fabulous Decades, one Fabulous Party!


Photos by me and Lizzy Flanagan

Today is my good friend Molly's 40th birthday. Molly and I have been friends for nearly 10 years and have been on many amazing adventures together. So far the grandest (and most recent) of those adventures has been bringing Curly Girl Design into the world. Molly is our Operations Manager, which means she helps run the show and makes sure I am staying out of trouble. Her unofficial job title is “The Bottom Line”.

Despite my profession and seeming knack for words, there is simply not a card big enough or words fancy enough to express what an incredibly bright spot Molly is in our lives and in the world.

So, we threw her a party!

Molly's first love is the ocean so we kept it close, celebrating on Cape Cod at her family home. Our group of friends is a clever, creative and resourceful bunch. Everybody had a part in bringing the night together from the 'Oyster hour” at dusk to stoking the fire pits and roasting s'mores while dancing the night away (some of us more enthusiastically than others…ahem…)to Molly's favorite tunes brought to us by her favorite dude.

I was in charge of décor, and tried my best to fete our favorite mermaid with something beautiful, casual and beachy chic. Everything we used was either something we already had, or was extremely budget friendly (Molly loves a budget!) and thankfully, the weather cooperated and the sun even peeked through! We all stuffed ourselves with perfect pulled pork sandwiches and blueberry pie made with love by friends. Singing, dancing and celebrating under the stars…it was a night to remember! (thanks Lizzy for the good pics!)

It's incredible how revitalizing a day or so away from your day-to-day life, and focused on celebrating the best things can be. Time spent focusing your attention on making someone else feel totally loved and appreciated has a way of filling our tanks in an unanticipated way. It's as if all of the molecules we send out with the intention of making someone else feel good bounce around a little extra and we get to stand in that light too. It's really a fantastic deal for everyone involved. I plan on doing more of it!

So this one goes out to my sweet, smiley, snorts-when-she-laughs darling friend. Thanks for the journey, and for letting me stand next to your big bright light. Happy Birthday.

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