Holding on to Joy



Leigh Standley and Children at the BeachI lived this summer in someone else’s body. Most of this past year actually.

And, full-disclosure, I have hated almost every minute of it. Not the living I have done, I have lived fully despite my discomfort, but the feeling of discomfort and the foreignness of it all… that can frankly take a hike. I have slammed full-speed into middle age, peri-menopause, and the reckoning of just sort of holding it together during a global pandemic and a long stretch of mostly solo-parenting. The seams are literally showing (er…ripping). Nothing fits, I don’t recognize myself, and the body confidence that I have earned and worked hard for most of my adult life is feeling remote at best. I say this because some of you out there can probably relate. Or at least understand the feeling. It sucks and the road back to my best feeling self feels excruciatingly long. That’s it. That’s the update. I don’t need fixes. I just needed to say it out loud because sometimes that helps.sac eastpak vanhunks kayak NFL College Jerseys smith and soul nike air max 90 futura custom youth hockey jerseys stetson casquettes kansas city chiefs crocs air jordan 1 element Iowa State Football Uniforms jordan proto max 720 College Football Jerseys yeezy shoes under 1000 custom nfl football jerseys luvme human hair wigs

I also decided that I wouldn’t let this feeling rob me of joy, or remembering that I exist. So I made sure I was in some of the pictures from our summer adventure — even the ones I am uncomfortable with — I was there. I was alive. It was beautiful. But this feeling is costing me peace and is thus too expensive. That’s why I, and all of us, need to hold onto joy.

And still, time marches on…

New Mothering Cards of Joy

It is the season of new beginnings and a great time for fresh starts! The twins started third grade last week (even though they were just born a few minutes ago) and they both wear a near adult sized shoe (I know this because they now COST as much as an adult shoe). We are off to a good start and they love their teachers. We are all ready to be back in a bit of a routine even though saying goodbye to the freedom of summer makes us a little less tan and a little bit sad.

Getting back to routine, I’ve added a few new cards to the collection. These are in honor of mothering and all the ways we make each other proud. And in honor of us all getting through what we are getting through. I hope they bring you joy, and that you’ll share joy with others who need a reminder.

And if you look further into our collection of cards and gifts, you’ll see that the importance of finding joy, and holding onto it for dear life, is an undercurrent of everything we do. Our cards embrace joy in the magic of small moments. Our messages celebrate, soothe, or inspire and are meant to be shared widely. If you look closely, joy is everywhere.

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Share the Joy with Curly Girl Cards and Gifts

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