May Release Sneak Peek #4



I recognize as it is the first day of June, that this no longer qualifies as a “Sneak Peek”, but I am hoping that since we just barely got these into the warehouse, there will be a handful of you for whom this is a treat.

This card (now available on our website with the rest of the may release!) was made for my best friend Lucy. Lucy is my 9-year old mutt who was my first baby, is my truest companion and might be the ‘person’ I like most in this world (apologies to the obvious possibly offended parties).

Even though Coach and I adopted her together a few years before we got married, I have always (not-so-secretly) felt that she was sent for me. I don’t think that anyone who knows the two of us would disagree.

As such, Lucy has understandably had a rough last year and a half with the arrival of not one but two other center’s of the universe. I felt like she needed a love letter.

This one is for all of us who’s soul mates have wet noses, with the understanding that love heals in all its forms.

Lucy, I love you forever. You need a bath, but I love you forever.

Do you know someone who needs this card??


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