Merry Memories Giveaway Day 1 – Handmade Gifts


Oh! This is my favorite favorite thing to do! Well, two of my favorite things: sharing stories and giving presents! Last year (2009 BB – before blog) I did this on twitter and facebook and it was so fun and I loved hearing people's stories so much I decided to do it again. Only this year, with pictures.

My mom helped me dig out some of the gems that you will see over the next few days (thanks mom!) and I had a good laugh looking through them and remembering the Christmas time stories that went along with them.

Today I want to hear about the best or, by all means, worst handmade gifts you have either given or received. I know I have certainly given some doozies, but the pictures above represent something about my childhood that I truly cherish. Every year that I can remember (up until I was in high school, I think) Dorothy made us all (me, my mom, my cousins, brother and aunt) flannel nightgowns. Floor-length, long-sleeved, cozy nightgowns that often came with matching sleeping bonnets (oh yes!). My brother got PJs but still got the hat. Despite the fact that if you look through our Christmas albums through the years we look like members of a polygamist cult, we loved these. It should be noted that they were matching. I looked forward to my new nightgown every year and would even get to the point that Dorothy would let me pick out the fabric. I actually assumed for a while that everyone got new handmade flannel nightgowns each year at Christmas. You can imagine my chagrin in junior high.

There are years and years and years of photos of us in various flannels over the years but I have chosen just a couple. Above on the left is one of my mom and I (I was about 5 ) modeling our matching frocks, which we always did immediately upon opening. The other is of me and my cousin in a rare year of complimentary flannels, it seems I am trying to give her a hug.

It bears mentioning that this picture pretty much sums up our relationship as it is today.

SO, that is my memory of gifts handmade with love, what's yours!?? If you share it you will be entered to win this lovely Curly Girl “Glorious Gift” Sculpture:

Your comments are your entries. One comment per person please. Winner will be picked by Lucy. (At random) Comments will be accepted until 3pm EST Thursday 12/16.

So share away!



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