Merry Memories Giveaway Day 2 – Putting on a Show!


“three wise guys” circa 1984

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed reading all of your stories!! Thank you for sharing and thanks for making the days up to my holiday celebration filled with great memories! I feel like we are making a big memory snowball!

Today's giveaway is going to be a little dramatic. Every year around Hanukkah or the Christmas holiday, the scores of performances begin. Choir, band, orchestra, school plays, dance, church plays, and pageants …the list goes on. At one point or another I know you all have been part of one or two of these, (I know I have) and I want the details.

I remember sun-tanned color pantyhose, dickies under choir robes, Jeffery Hillard throwing up in the back row of our Christmas choir concert…you know the really sentimental stuff. I also remember practicing “Canon” for our big winter choral concert in high school and getting goose bumps as the whole corps sang. To this day, I think my brother only comes to chapel with me on Christmas Eve so he can sing (and play with hot candle wax). It is such a huge part of celebration.

The photo above is not of any of my more “formal” performances, which, as you might imagine, there were many. But of one of the skits my brother and cousin and I put together for our family. The one pictured here was “The Three Wise Guys”.

I am unclear if it was scripted or more of an improv piece, but this picture made me howl with laughter and remember with such fondness our many many theatrical works. This is one of the few in which my brother did not have to play a girl or a dog. Poor guy.

Today I am giving away this:

A beautiful holiday collector's plate to remind us that it really is about the little things. Sun-Tanned pantyhose not withstanding.

The deal is the same:

Your comments are your entries. One comment per person please. Winner will be picked by Lucy. (At random) Comments will be accepted until 4pm EST Friday 12/17.

So share away!


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