Merry Memories Giveaway Day 3 – The Best Gift Ever!


Happy Friday all!! Thank you for your wonderful and occasionally hilarious 'performance' stories! Some of them had me in stitches!

Marianne, I was wiping tears from my eyes imagining a row of 'kid packages' trying to get up stairs!! And Wendy with her super-glittery hair!!

This is totally addictive! I want to collect stories forever!!

So, if you are just joining us, a quick catch up: I am doing a daily holiday give away. In exchange for your Christmas memories, you get entered to win a fabulous Curly Girl prize!! If you have not read everyone's stories, I highly encourage it…it is entirely heart-warming, de-grinching, and holiday-spirit lifting!

Today's topic is presents. There are two types of people in this world: those that peek, and those that don't. You either do or you don't. It's just that simple. In fact, think it would be an interesting study. A study on the effects of being a 'peeker'. I say that because I fall firmly in the “non-peeker” category. No way. No how. I love surprises. I love parties and cake and boxes with bows and silver white winters that melt into spring… and surprises! I never peeked. Not once. In fact, if I accidentally saw something I thought I was not supposed to see I made myself forget it. I was hard-core. Still am.

I married a peeker.


So, today I want to hear your stories of peeking or not, and your favorite gifts that you remember receiving. The ones that Santa brought that you thought about so much you couldn't sleep! The ones that made you squeal with delight and fight with your siblings over. The ones you had your picture taken with. Those gifts.

The above photos are of my mom and her sisters posing with the respective year's best gifts. In one of them, my mom holds 'brown bear” which she got when she was 4, and I slept with in my bed when I was a little girl. He still plays Brahms's Lullaby.

Today's winner will recieve this:

A set of 6 packs of Curly Girl Holiday Napkins!! Perfect for all of your holiday entertaining!

Share away ladies! Have fun dusting off those memories.

The deal is the same:

Your comments are your entries. One comment per person please. Winner will be picked by Lucy. (At random) Comments will be accepted until 4pm EST Sunday 12/19.

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