New Year. New Word.


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Happy New Year’s Eve! I have taken a break from the internet for the past week or so to reconnect with family and friends and take an aimless visit to my hometown. It has been lovely and save the air mattress, very restorative. I have loved this year. Loved. It.

2012 has brought many blessings and good learning. Lots of time with good friends and special time with family. It has reconnected me with old friends, taken me on adventures and deepened my connection to my marriage. It has brought beautiful new babies and seen my darling cousin married to her perfect match. I traveled to a place I have never been and explored the city I live in and love like I was a visitor.

From a business perspective it has been a big year for Curly Girl Design. We have assembled the best team and combination of staff personalities that we have ever had, which makes every day a joy. We have moved our warehouse to Montana (!) and built and launched a pretty bad a#* new website! We have been busy developing some exciting new products and lines for 2013 and are getting ready for their debut. We are also getting ready to move into our first big-girl office space (that is not in a basement by a dumpster) and gear up for some majorly inspired things next year!

This year has brought its challenges and heartbreak too. The balance is evident. The learning hard-won. But in the end, I will take the lot.

I have been reading a lot about vulnerability in Brene Brown’s books, and thinking a lot about the concepts of abundance and scarcity. It is amazing how often we start a thought or a reaction with “I am not __________ enough. (Enter the concept of your choice: pretty, talented, organized, rich, thin, successful…) Or “I don’t have enough ______” (time, money, love, etc….).  Dr. Brown suggests that the antidote to this kind of thinking is to begin to realize that we are enough. Already. As is.

While I agree with her whole-heartedly and would love for each and every one of us to start from a place of enough….I propose we take it a step further. I propose that the opposite of ‘not enough’ is not simply ‘enough’…I propose that the answer is PLENTY. Plenty is full, and abundant and adequate and fulfilling. Plenty is not more than you need, but as much as you need. Plenty is so much more than enough. Because the truth is…you are plenty. You have plenty. You will have plenty and you will be plenty. Enter the tense of your choice. It is already within you and there is more than enough to go around. You are more than enough….so much more. Already.

So without hesitation (or waiting until February….or March) I would like to announce my word of 2013: PLENTY

Will you join me in a year of PLENTY? Will you fill those blanks with “more than enough“? Will you do us all the service of resting assured that there is more than enough to go around and that we all have exactly what we need already? Right here. Even in the blank spots. Plenty.

This may well be my word for every year after this…. but let’s see what we can start. Shall we?

I am so grateful for your company in this space. Thank you for being with me on this journey and thank you for inviting me in.

I wish you the very best of New Years. May the beginning be a sparkling fresh and full of joy and may you have to count your blessings by the ton.


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