October release sneak peek and a birthday wish


As many of you know, while today is a solemn day for our nation and a sad day for many that we know and love, it is also a day of celebration in our house. Today is Coach's birthday (and for awhile, we thought it might be our two children's birthday too…but it's not looking likely…sigh)!

So as I discussed last year, perhaps a bit more eloquently than I can muster today, I like to use this day to lift us up and make it in honor of the love and genuine closeness that we are capable of as humans. The unique ability we have as a species to care for one another and grow in love from our experiences. The fact that in one another we can find home. 

This new card, part of our upcoming October release, is about that. It is in honor of the roads we travel and the fact that in the end, with just one another, we will be somehow, be ok. This is in honor of refugees everywhere. Of partners everywhere. Of families everywhere. When landscapes change, or life changes, or circumstances change…open your arms and we are home. It is a reminder to each of us to open our arms to each other and to ourselves. 

It is specifically how I feel about Coach, and is also in honor of two of my very best friends who might be soon looking out their windows at a very new landscape. It is a hope for a safe journey, and gratitude for the journey thus far. 

Happy Birthday Buddy! I love you and our journey. (I also wish two parts of our journey would decide to join us outside of my body…so when you are blowing out candles later…consider that.)

I wish you all a day of peace, connection and joyful remembrance.


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