Open Book Thursday


I have been answering a lot of questions lately. Questions for interviews, through emails, in the shop, and in working on a “Frequently Asked Questions” page for our website. I like questions, and people who ask questions, because they are how one gets answers and because if you are asking questions, you are probably a curious person.

I like curious people. Curious people have the most impact on the world.

I also like answering questions, because I generally like talking about myself talking to people and because so many people have answered my questions or let me into parts of their process along the way (regarding business, art, life and other things) that I always feel good about paying that forward when I can. I also always envy people who answer questions thoughtfully and like to practice being one of those people whenever I can.

The only kinds of questions I don’t like are leading questions, the kind that we already know the answer to, or are waiting for an answer that we don’t like or are prepared to judge. Questions we ask other people because we know the answer will make us feel better about ourselves. I try not to ask those, and I try not to answer them when possible.

So, all of this is to say that I am opening the floor for questions! Ask me anything you want. I will do my best to answer (in due time) and if we end up using your question in our FAQs we will give you a shout out!!

However, if your question is about curly hair, I will save you some time: check out this post and this post. That’s really all I need to say on the matter (she says as she high-fives her conditioner…)

Looking forward to the conversation!



OOOOH! Almost forgot! We have a couple of winners from the Coach’s Birthday Giveaway! Sexy Random number generator picked:

Comment #3, Kate and Comment #84 Chaco_Kid! Congratulations you two, we will be in touch and get you your massive box of holiday cards…hope you have lots of stamps!

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