Open Book Thursday (ok, well, Friday)


Hello and happy Friday!

Before the New Year I started a periodic entry series called “Open Book Thursdays” where I answered your questions (about almost anything) here on the blog. I took a wee break from it over the holidays, but now am anxious to get back!

Thank you for your questions! I love hearing from you guys, and hope to get to all of them someday. You can see previously answered questions here, here and here or by poking through the journal tab on the left hand side there.

On to questions! (I am answering these in random order, or in order of what I have the brain power for today…)

Jenny asked:

I attended a Women in Business luncheon yesterday, and our table got into a discussion about a quote that one of the attendees had on her wall.  It read:  “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”  So, that being said, what would you do? 

I’d love to know what your vision for the future of your business is, as I often feel that you have a true talent for putting into art the things we are all thinking and feeling.  I’d love to know WHAT’S NEXT?

Thanks for your question Jenny! Oh how I love that question. It is actually up on the refrigerator in our office so that every time a Curly Girl staffer goes in for a seltzer or a snack we ask ourselves that question. The answer is usually 'pop open some of this champagne that is taking up all the room in here…”.

Just kidding. Sort of.

This question is a bit of a double-edged sword for me. It assumes, firstly that we are not already living bravely, which I think, if we really each examine our lives, we can find some proof that we are. And it sort of suggests that what we are doing is not already enough.

It is my sincere hope that everyday when the beautiful, talented, amazing women that work together with me on this business look at that question part of them is inspired by it, and part of them wants to flip it the bird and say “you are lookin' at it!”

Showing up everyday for yourself and hopefully going to bed at night feeling like you have contributed to your well being and others well being (in whatever incarnation) is something to be proud of and never to be swept away as un-grand (not sure that's a term, but you get what I mean.) We can certainly fail at that. Most of us have at some point. So I would strongly advocate for considering our victories.

That said, it also offers contrast. “To fail” is the opposite of “to succeed”. We must have one in order to have the other. You cannot have light if you do not have dark. And so, it is our failures that make our successes possible. They are counterweights for each other and thusly are both totally necessary. It has been my failures that have been my greatest supporters along the way. They are proof of what has happened that I was capable of getting through. And learning from. In a way, it would be a better question if it read: “What would you fail at over and over again if you had the time.”

But you didn't actually ask for my philosophic ramblings about the question, you asked for the answer to it. And the point of the question is not lost on me.

There are many many things that pop into my head as quick answers; buy a farm and grow things, math, learn to play the banjo, renovate houses, wear more lingerie. But in truth there are only three things that are currently full-out honest answers to that question:

Be a mother. (in discussions)

Write a book. (also, in discussions)

and Sing.

Singing is something that I love dearly, and makes me very very happy that I never really got to pursue the way I dreamed I would. It has been so many years since I have had any real training, that I think the fear is that I don't have the equipment anymore, and with time, goes confidence. So that is what I would choose to fail at over and over again if I had time. I might even do it with gusto.

As for what's next? Well, the book is a project that I have wanted to do for years and years, but frankly have been a little afraid of. It seems so permanent (ahem, Library of Congress) and I guess I always feel so…in flux. BUT, I have said it out loud now…and I have a cool vision and a tight deadline….so off we go! I will talk more about it when I am able.

Thanks Jenny! Great question!

What would YOU do?

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