Saying Grace


Song Lyrics from “May the Light of Love” by David Roth

Happy Thanksgiving All! I hope you are with family and friends, friends who have become family or the reverse. I hope this holiday of togetherness provides you with a moment to pause and reflect and find some grace in wherever you find yourself these days. I like that we have an opportunity for gratitude built into our national calendar, and for me it is always a reminder of how good being grateful feels. It always has a way of putting things into sharper perspective. To be thankful for the things that we have, for the light of love in our lives, instead of being focused on what we need to 'do' or 'fix', 'find', 'create' or 'make better'.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be and you have everything you need.

It is a helpful mantra, and though often short lived, (for me anyway) always provides a good shift.

So with that, I wanted to share my favorite grace to say when sitting down to eat with family and friends. It is part of the lyrics of a song by folk singer David Roth and it always makes me feel grateful and grace-full.

Enjoy the feast.


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