Signing at LaMuse


This past weekend I flew down to D.C. to do a signing event at LaMuse in Alexandria, VA. These personal appearance events are one of my favorite parts of my job. I love getting to meet and chat with the people that actually buy my product. You see, we are a small company and have limited space in our offices and warehouse so I work from home or the shop most days and see a few people here and there. I am a fairly chatty person so if the mailman catches me in a moment of idleness he may be in for it!

I get to see many of our wholesale customers, those are the shop owners who get to sell our stuff in their shops, at various tradeshows throughout the year. That is really fun too, but tradeshows can be hectic and fast-paced so the quality time is often very limited. The signings offer me a chance to hang out in a shop and with a shop owner who loves the line and makes it an important part of what they have to offer. These are the people and places that bring Curly Girl to the world and it makes me so happy and proud when they invite me in.

The photos above make it look a bit more like a sorority party… but the event was such a success that I was too busy talking with people to take photos! I was really glad so many people came out. I always wake up the morning of and say a little “oh please please let people show up” prayer. It is really important to me that these be a hit, not only so I will have folks to talk to but also so people can find these wonderful independently run retail shops. It is such an important time to support them.

Thank you Deb and Daryl of LaMuse for having me and for making the event so fun! You have such a great collection of product and a beautiful store! Thanks to all the inspiring women that I met and for those of you who drove all the way from Lexington, KY to see me! What a treat! Thanks to old, dear friends who surprised me and who, despite years and years can still feel to me like only minutes have passed.Thanks to my besties who traveled with me, and finally, thanks to the women of the U.S. Military, who came in all of your various forms and reminded me just what strength, intelligence and beauty looks like.


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